Your business website: A potential customer’s perspective



A business website is one of the best marketing & sales tools available to modern businesses, especially for small businesses. It a great way to generate leads, create brand recognition, build a reputation and credibility while also providing potential customers with information thus generating sales leads. The best part is that it functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (provided you have a reliable hosting provider, like us!).

To improve the number of leads your website generates and hence maximize your return on investment it’s vital to keep in mind exactly what a potential client wants to see on the website. It’s very important that your business website responds to the needs of your ideal customer. So how would you identify what a potential customer wants to see on your website? It would of course depend on your target market and business niche. However, outlined below are some of the important things your website design must include:

  • What Makes You Different: Potential customers searching for your products or services online want a reason to choose your business over others. They want to know what makes you stand out from the crowd and what’s so special about you. Give them the reasons why they should go with you rather than your competitor, identify your niche and market that. This aspect of you website is brought together by a collective set of elements combined – things like the images you use in the design, videos about your business, highlighted services, company history and even a blog are some of the things that can be used to highlight what is unique about your business.
  • The value you bring to the customer: In addition to listing out and describing your services, it’s very important to think about the value of your products or services. Especially from a customer’s perspective what benefit do you bring to them – whether it be savings in cost, streamlined business process, or fulfilling another need – make it clear to them. Once you have identified what this value is you have to break it down into a few words or a sentence, which will be displayed prominently on your website homepage (Either within the banner or some highlighted bullet points)
  • Credibility of your business: Trust is a very important part of conducting any sort of business. A potential customer won’t convert to a customer unless they trust you and consider your business credible. The business website is an ideal space to build and maintain credibility that can then affect a potential customer’s final decision. Take into consideration the things that matter in your industry as well as the list of clients you service since these things can affect your credibility and trust. Some of these elements are listed below:
    • Certifications & Accreditations
    • Awards for services or products
    • Client List (or logos)
    • References in Recognized Publications (such as magazines)
    • Customer Testimonials
  • Examples of your work: Whether it’s a product you sell or service you provide customers like to see what you can do. So it’s vital to include examples of your work whether it’s in the form of product images or pictures of your work – include sections like gallery or portfolio to showcase the work you’ve done already. Quality work will always market itself.
  • Contact Information: Display your business logo and contact information properly on the website. Have the contact information shown in a prominent place on the website. It is also necessary to make contacting or finding your business easier for the customer. In addition to having a dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page some of the features you can include are:
    • A Call Us Now Button: when clicked will start dialling the business number (ideal for mobile visitors)
    • A Locate Us Button: this will open the business location on the device GPS or maps app.
    • A Get A Quote Button: which can have a dedicated form which will help a customer fill out necessary details in order to obtain a quote
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