What Social Media & Digital Marketing Can Do For Your Medical Centre


Regardless of whether your medical centre is a new one that just started up or a well-established business operating for several years, a primary concern year in year out is improving revenue and bringing in more patients.  Having a good website design and an online appointment booking system is definitely the first step of creating an online presence for your medical centre, but once you have all this in place you need to drive traffic (or visitors) to your website. The number of visitors and traffic to your website can directly correlate to the amount of patients visiting your medical centre. This is where digital marketing and social media come into play – having a good online presence on social media and a digital marketing strategy in place is essential to any business today.

After the first steps of creating an online presence with your medical centre website design and SEO, the next phase is setting up a social media presence as well as a digital marketing strategy – both of which are key elements to bringing in new business.

The benefit of social media for medical centres:

A large number of internet users are on social media and are now using it not just as a platform to interact with friends and family but also a platform to interact with local business and stay up to date with the latest news.  On average in Australia alone 12 million people use facebook on a daily basis, the story is similar for many other social media platforms, with the daily user base in the millions.

People tend to find social media platforms a more comfortable place to express their concerns or make enquiries and in some cases find local businesses in the area. As a medical centre business in the most technology driven age of human existence its vital that you take advantage of this ability to network.

Using social media as a medical centre you can:

  • Keep your patients informed on the latest health news, warnings and updates.
  • Tell them of any new doctors or services that you offer
  • Provide them with useful centre information such as hours and location
  • Give them options to connect to your online booking system directly via the social media page
  • Even allow them to login and make bookings using their social media pages – making appointment booking an easy online process.

Digital marketing for medical centres:

Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to a combination of paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing and even Email Marketing. As a medical centre once you’ve done the basics of creating an online presence the next part is implementing a digital marketing strategy that will ultimately generate more patient bookings and improve your revenue. A good digital marketing strategy can allow your business to scale up and grow.

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