What is The Internet of Things?


The internet of things has been all the hype lately and you may have heard the phrase being used often in the tech world. But what is the internet of things really and how does it impact the future of technology?

The internet of things basically means a network where all kinds of devices will be inter-connected with each other, it is a major change from the traditional ‘internet’ which is essentially network connections between standard computing devices. The internet of things will revolutionize the way technology is incorporated into our day to day lives. It means that billions of devices of all forms will be able to communicate with each other, for instance your fridge will be able to tell you if you’re low on milk, or you’ll be able to control door locks remotely. The possibilities are endless, the internet of things or IoT will connect the majority of devices we interact with daily to the internet and will make them smartphone accessible as well as responsive.

Since this means that devices from a variety of industries will be connected to each other from a consumer level to an enterprise level, it will change the way business is done. The internet of things is truly the future of technology. Imagine a world where you can control and access almost any of your devices directly from your smartphone, a world where companies will be able to monitor and troubleshoot almost anything remotely. Even medical data that is gathered through wearable tech while you go on with your day to day activities can be sent directly to your doctor.  Objects that were once isolated will now have sensors and computing potential that will make them intelligent devices that can communicate with other forms of technology in our lives. There are many products and services that have already entered into the world of IoT, from home appliances, lighting, utilities, even wearable technology that monitors fitness and health.

Network devices will be able to collect data using sensors and then share this information over the internet where it can be processed and used for a variety of useful purposes. A lot of valuable data can be gathered and used by industries to better understand their consumers and the way they interact with the hardware. The internet of things will comprise of a large number of inter-connected devices & will drive economic value.

When planning the future of your business it is important to consider how the IoT can be integrated with your business model, technologies and products to help improve growth and success. You must prepare your business so it is ready to be a part of this sudden boom so it does not end up being left behind.

Next week on the Web Choice Online Blog we will discuss some of the foundations that make up the internet of things.

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