What is Google AdWords & Pay per Click Advertising?


Google AdWords is a service provided by Google the search engine giant. It is an advertising service for businesses allowing them to purchase advertising space on Google Searches, websites on the Google AdSense network and on YouTube. As of last year Google had a 30% share of the entire digital advertising making it the single largest player.


The Google AdWords program provides businesses with a tool to analyse search data, set online advertising budgets and set a bid or price the business is willing to pay per click – hence the term Pay per Click (PPC) advertising.

The Google Ad Service is mainly focused on keywords, but with the recent introduction of  display Ads businesses can now show visual advertisements (from images to video) that are more likely to attract a customer.

Businesses that create Ads using the AdWords tool will appear amongst the top search results for specific target keywords that people search for on the Google Search engine. The tools provide you with various search data that can be used to improve your Ads as well as give you the option to target specific demographics (such as time of day, locality, and even certain interests)

There are five categories available to advertise through:

  1. Search Networks: This is for advertisements that appear as search results (amongst the top results) when a Google search is made.
  2. Display: These are Ads that appear on certain Google partner websites as images. They are visual Ads and can be a great way to attract customers, especially if marketing a visually appealing product.
  3. Remarketing: This is a feature that allows you to show Google Ads to people who have already visited your website. When a person leaves your website without making an enquiry or purchase, remarketing allows you to track them and display related Ads while they continue to browse online.
  4. Shopping: If you are a shopping cart website and have products for sale, now you can directly display your products and prices on Google search results. This helps you promote your products and also displays them in the Google Shopping tab.
  5. YouTube: You can use this feature to show Ads in any format (text, image and video) to people as different placements on the YouTube website. A video Ad for instance appears in between YouTube videos before they play, whereas image Ads would appear as pop-ups over a video.

Audience Targeting: With Google AdWords you can target audiences based on a large variety of criteria. These include things like: Topics, Interests, Keywords, Actions on Websites (specific things people do on a website), Gender, Age and Location. This allows you to make any advertising campaign flexible and very carefully targeted if done right.

The large variety of features provided by the Google AdWords makes it one of the most comprehensive tools available for online digital marketing. For all your digital marketing needs speak to Web Choice Online today!

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