What Is Facebook’s New Atlas Ad Server? Could This Be The Way To Market Your Business?


Looks like Google the current king of the online advertising space is going to be facing some tough competition with facebook lunching its new Atlas Ad Server. Facebook calls it ‘people based marketing’ which makes use of their large customer base of 1.3 billion users to target and serve Ads specific to a person’s interests and the device they use. Facebook acquired Atlas from Microsoft back in 2013 and has since revamped Atlas, filling it with the vast knowledge base it has on its 1.3 billion users. Using Atlas facebook will be able to serve ads to the same person targeted on an individual basis, across browsers, devices, ad networks, exchanges and a wide range of other platforms. This takes the power of social media and facebook advertising to the whole internet.

Facebook calls this “people-based marketing” because they are able to allow advertisers and brands to follow specifically targeted audiences all around the web on a more individual level, this highly precise form of advertising can mean a big change in the way online marketing is done – A very exciting prospect to the advertising world.

Naturally the thought of facebook making use of its users’ data such as their online habits, likes and interests can create significant privacy concerns, especially if that data is going to be made available for advertising. But Facebook brushes these privacy concerns aside stating that they keep the identities of the individuals anonymous.  This means that advertisers will know a ton about an audience across multiple platforms without actually learning their names or identities.

With the mobile revolution it has proved difficult to accurately track a user’s online behaviour on mobile devices as they don’t make use of cookies. Cookies are the primary basis of desktop tracking and this form of tracking peoples browsing habits cannot be used on mobiles.  Facebook claims it has solved this problem of tracking mobile internet usage with their new Atlas Ad server system.

With this system facebook will bring the targeting capabilities that marketers use when managing their Ad campaigns and apply it to advertising across multiple devices and publishers. One of the first advertising agencies to jump in on the action is the leading advertising and marketing holding company Omnicom. Omnicom is testing out Atlas with big brands like Pepsi and Intel, although currently marketers will only be able to target basic demographic data like age, gender and such, but in the long run Atlas will allow for more interest-based targeting. Facebook also claims that Alas will be able to track offline sales, from ad serving to ultimate purchase.

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