What is a Landing Page? How to create the ideal one to generate leads & sales.


A landing page in terms of marketing is a page that has a specific offer or specific information regarding a product or service. Landing pages are primarily designed with an end goal of capturing visitors’ information and acts as a lead generation tool which can bring high quality relevant leads direct to your sales department. Landing pages, if used in conjunction with a good marketing campaign can be an excellent tool mainly because it has specific information only relevant to your Ad (campaign) and has a clear ‘Call to Action” (usually a single bright button or line of text that triggers a visitor to act). Your business marketing team can redirect visitors from various online campaigns such as email marketing, pay-per-click ads, blog posts and such to the landing page which will be designed specifically to convert them.

Below we discuss some things you can do to create and ideal landing page or improve an existing one to generate some good leads:

  1. The perfect heading: The first thing a visitor would see on your landing page is the main heading. When writing a heading make sure to be very specific, so the visitor knows exactly what the page has to offer or is about. Your heading must be engaging and make the user want to keep interacting, sometimes it can be a good idea to try and tap a visitor’s emotion. Headings that trigger curiosity, fear or have humour can be an example of this. Browse facebook so you can identify the things people are sharing then look at those headings to see what the catch phrases are.
  2. Use Good Buttons: The buttons on your landing page is what a visitor would click on to act on the heading or the ad they followed. These buttons are known as the call-to-action handlers of the page and is what the visitor will click to hand over his or her contact information to you. The placement of the button, the text it contains and the colour used for it are all important deciding factors as to whether someone will click through or not. Use brighter colours that draw attention to the button, place them prominently towards the top of the page, and check the text of the button as well so it’s using something that is likely to encourage visitors’ to click on it.
  3. Don’t have any distractions: When a visitor lands on your page and they are presented with too many options, it will most likely result in them leaving before even getting to the point of filling in a form. Your landing page must have one purpose only and that is to give the visitor exactly what he came looking for (from whatever marketing campaign that lead them their). This means focusing your visitors’ on the one specific task of clicking the ‘call to action’ button and filling the form with their contact information.
  4. Be considerate with what you ask from them: The main goal of a landing page is to generate relevant, high-quality leads. The more information you ask a visitor to give in your form the less likely they are to fill it in and submit it. When asking for information make sure you only ask for what you need, usually this is just a name, email address and contact number you can always follow up on other information using this. Having too many form fields to fill in and a too complex structure to do it will result in people leaving the webpage all together. Remember the attention span of a user on the internet is very short! Some landing page can be integrated with your business’s CRM so that data that is captured on the landing page is directly fed to the CRM system, further improving efficiency.

If you would like to get a highly effective landing page made that is designed to help generate new leads and convert visitors’ into customers then speak to one of our professional web design consultants today!


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