What is a call to action? And how to use them properly.


By: Shavin Peiries

You may have heard how important it is to include a call to action on your site, but what is it? A call to action, CTA by its initials in English, is literally what its translation means, a call to action. A call to action can be a phrase, button, or link within your site, e-commerce or piece of communication that calls the user to do something, that is, calls him to take an action.


It may sound weird, but we are all familiar with these calls. Some situations in everyday life can help you better understand this concept. For example, when you are waiting to cross the street and the traffic light changes from red to green, you feel called to cross to the other end. Or when you were little and you heard “Food is ready!” At home, you knew it was dinner time and you headed straight to the kitchen.


On the Internet, on the other hand, things tend to be somewhat different and those people who are interested in your products may need a little push to do some specific action that is of importance to you, such as buying one of your products.


Taking into account that the concept of a “call to action” arose from marketing, it is important that you know that they can be used in different ways and for different objectives, depending on the context in which they are located in. For example:


  • As part of a social media sponsored notice
  • As part of a campaign via email
  • As a way to encourage the download of content

Some Essential Practices

Since you have only a few opportunities to make a good impression on your customer, we want to share some essential practices to apply when choosing and designing a call to action for your e-commerce store.

Use Bold or Contrasting Colors

The easiest way to highlight one option among others is by giving it a contrasting colour. This will quickly attract the attention of the person in your site and will lead you to easily understand what the next step is.

Size Matters

In addition to colour, another important characteristic of a call to action is size. A larger option will be easier to find. Also, be careful! You have to find the perfect size that fulfils its function and maintains a good aesthetic at the same time.

Maintain Consistency

If you have decided that the call to action of the product page will have a certain shape, colour and size, it is recommended that you keep those rules on all the pages of your store. Why? For your customer to learn that the options that have those features unleash similar actions, so whenever they see a call to action they will want to click on it.

Limit the Options

It is proven that offering too many options is negative for the decision-making process. Therefore, it is important that in the pages where your client has to make important decisions (for example, in the shopping cart) there are not many options available to choose from. This will limit the distractions and make it easier to continue to the next step for your client.

If you have the need to offer more options, be careful not to compete with the main objective, use neutral tones and a smaller size to offer other available options.

Choose Words Well

When you decide which text will go into your call to action, try to be as descriptive as possible of what will happen once your customer chooses it, especially for those who initiate sensitive actions such as a checkout procedure. Following this advice, you will give predictability and a sense of reassurance to your customer, avoiding frustrations and improving their shopping experience along the way!


You are now equipped with the knowledge to build a call to action to help you improve your conversions! What are you waiting for?



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