What can good web design & SEO do for your medical centre?



In today’s technology driven world a large percentage of the population are connected online via mobile devices. Whether it is via a tablet or a smartphone a majority of people tend to use the internet in some way or the other when going about their daily lives. The fact that people are turning to the internet to find solutions, means that they even search for doctors or medical health services online. In addition to looking for various health services online, patients now prefer to book appointments online from the comfort of their smartphone rather than having to phone in or visit the centre in person.

These trends in mobile internet usage brings to attention the importance of having a good online presence for your medical centre as there are many benefits to both the centre and its patients by doing so.

The benefits of a good website and online booking system:

There are multiple benefits of having a good website regardless of the industry your business is in, besides the obvious marketing benefits (which we will dive into in our next post), there are several advantages that ring true specifically for medical centres:

  • Perception – potential patients and website visitors will look at your medical centre as one that embraces new technology, incorporating ‘modern’ elements into the health services you provide
  • Informative – Since people generally turn to the internet for answers they are looking for, providing your patients with important health notices or information regarding the services offered and the centre itself will be considered very useful. Including information about opening hours, after hours care, emergency treatment and even new procedures will give patients a resource they can turn to at any time.
  • Simplicity and ease – Making appointments with a medical centre over the phone can at times be somewhat of a task, in most cases the patient is put on hold before reception staff can attend to their query. Integrating an online booking system with your medical centre website not only makes it easier for the patient to make an appointment with the doctor of their choosing, but also reduces the work load on front-desk staff who have to constantly answer phones.
  • Brand Recognition – Having a website (and social media) are also important to improve brand recognition amongst your existing and potential patients. If you are trying to establish a reputation for your medical centre, creating an online presence for it is absolutely essential.

What you can gain with SEO:

SEO or otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your website ranking in search results – primarily with Google search. The main objective of SEO is to get your business website to appear amongst the top few results for a targeted search term (popular search term). Performing SEO can help generate a significant increase in the number of patients contacting the medical centre as a result of local searches. SEO ensures that your medical centre website appears when a customer searches for a specific medical service, for instance ‘GPs in Melbourne’

The benefits of SEO include:

  • Greater search presence so more people finding your business online
  • Increase in organic traffic to the website (unpaid traffic)
  • More leads or more customers (more appointment bookings in the case of medical centres)
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