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When building a new business website, there are several things to take into consideration in addition to the overall website design and its user experience. One of these is the actual website content – having compelling, relevant and interesting content is vital for a website to be able to achieve its purpose. Yes, the design of a website is what gives the wow factor when a visitor lands on a page; however it is the content that eventually converts a visitor to a paying customer. It’s the content that visitors come in search of to provide the answers they are looking for.

Discussed below are some useful tips to writing website content that converts:

  • Plan out your site map: Before writing out your content or website copy, the first step is to draft out a list of all your website pages in a hierarchy. Draw up a chart with a list of all the pages and how they are linked or related to each other. Drafting up a site map like this will allow you to understand the pages on your website and plan your content accordingly. This will prevent it from being repetitive and keep you to the point on each page.
  • Write your brand message: Think about the principal message you want to give to visitors about your brand. What is the main message you want visitors to associate with your brand or organization? Then convey this message throughout your content. Determine your niche and what makes you different from your competitor. Then when writing content for any of the pages, keep thinking about whether you are delivering that brand message to the readers.
  • Identify your customer’s pains & problems: It’s quite common to come across websites that continuously talk about how good the company, product or service is and the organizations reputation. Yes, it’s good to mention this, but not make it a drag. Ultimately a visitor on your website is looking for a solution to a problem they face, whether it’s in search of a specific product, a service or even just information. Decide on what your target market is then define the problems they face and how you plan on solving them. This will help you write out content that addresses your potential customers concerns while informing them that you have just the solution they have been looking for.
  • Have clear, to the point CTA’s: Once you have written out the quality website content that convert by telling them how you plan to solve their problems. The next step is to convince them to contact you, to do this you need to strategically place visible and eye catching call to action buttons. These CTA’s must be placed throughout your website, between content as well as in the header and footer too (sometimes). Use words or phrases that would initiate the reader to perform an action, some examples include “Get A Free Quote” or “Call Us Now & Find Out How”
  • Think about the tone of speech: You may be talking about a business and its services or products, but it’s important to note that you are addressing a human who has thoughts and emotions. It is very important not to make your content sound too monotonous and robotic, but give it a slight personalised touch. A great part of this is the tone used within your content, today a more conversational tone is considered to be a better strategy as it is more engaging. Just because it has a conversational tone doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be professional, maintain the professional attitude but address your readers directly as if speaking to them rather than in general.

In order to develop a quality business website design with equally good website content to ultimately yield positive results for your business, consider using an expert. Professional website design and digital marketing agencies can assist you in developing good websites to serve your business goals.

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