25 Web Traffic Secrets That Are Better Than Your Best Web Traffic Generator


get traffic better than your best web traffic generator

Your website practically lives on the traffic it gets. A website without traffic is as good as a haystack and nothing else. So when you make a website you should always know how to generate web traffic and how to monitor web traffic to make it better. If I ask you what is the best web traffic generator, you might struggle to give one particular answer. Not that what you know is wrong. There isn’t just one way to boost web traffic. But those few methods you already know as your best web traffic generator tools, may not be the only ways how to generate and how to monitor web traffic to make it good. 

Secrets that are not Secrets

We are about to give you a list of secrets to gaining more web traffic, which some are even better than the best web traffic generator methods you’ve known thus far. When we say secret, it’s not really a secret that is hidden and hard to find. They are some common (but not that common) tips that can boost your web traffic. But you didn’t know or didn’t think much about it as a web traffic generating method.

The methods we are about to give you include both free ones and paid ones. But all of them are equally capable of driving traffic to your website. Let us explore.

know how to monitor web traffic to be better than the best web traffic generator

1. Organic Social Media

If you become active on Social Media channels under the brand name of your website, it will help to get people’s attention and drive traffic in.

2. On-page SEO

Get the advantage of the high volume keywords that people are searching on the internet related to your website or its services. This is one of the best web traffic generator methods.

3. Building Backlinks

Make other websites mention you on their pages and add links to your website.

4. Blog Commenting

Be yourself known at related blogs by interacting. People will get to know and visit your website.

5. Blogging

One of the best answers to how to generate and how to monitor web traffic to become good. Keep writing about your website and its services.

6. Video Marketing

Video content makes a higher impact on people than others. Take advantage of it and do Video Promotions on YouTube, etc.

7. QR Codes

Adding QR codes to your website wherever possible will boost some traffic for sure because QR codes grab attention and people like to scan them.

8. Media Coverage and PR

If you can get yourself mentioned and featured on other media, it would definitely generate traffic.

9. Social Share Buttons

Include share buttons for social media wherever possible on your website so people can talk about you on social media.

10. Local Directories

There are plenty of online business directories for your region or field of practice. Be featured in them so people can find you more.

11. Run Giveaways

Organize some contest or free giveaway. It attracts people to engage with your website.

12. Partner with Influencers

Take the advantage of those who have a good reach on social media and other platforms.

13. Get Reviews on Trustpilot

Getting some good consumer reviews for your website on Trustpilot helps boost the confidence on the website and would be a great advantage on your quest on how to gain and how to monitor web traffic to be good.

14. Start a Podcast

One of the best ways to reach a digital audience. They love listening (or watching) to up to date content like podcasts.

15. Run a Referral Program

Get the market involved in your business. Encourage them with some rewards for getting more leads and conversions for you.

16. Jump into Trends on Twitter

Twitter trends are fast and crowded. Embedding your name into some of the chatters could easily make you recognised.

17. Use Featured Snippets

Add some excerpts into your website with the solution for one of the commonly asked questions regarding the subject of your website. If you do it right, search result pages will do the rest for you.

18. Optimize for Voice Search

Rephrasing and structuring your website content to be friendly for voice searching can help a lot. 32% of all consumers prefer hands-free technology now.

19. Create Surveys

Involve people in sharing their opinion about you through surveys. You can throw in some rewards too for further encouragement.

20. Post on Medium

Publish or get published on Medium. It will boost your website’s reputation.

21. Paid Search

Advertising your website on Google Search is a highly effective way to gain traffic. It is another commonly used, effective and one of the best web traffic generator methods.

22. Internal Linking

Link the user to different pages on the same website. Keep them spending more time on your website.

23. Interview Industry Leaders

Find the icons of the fiends similar to yours and publish interviews with them. It attracts interested users to your website.

24. Do Email Marketing

Use the advantage of direct emailing campaigns and see how to monitor web traffic to be good. Known to be the best web traffic generator back then, now one of the best.

25. Submit Content to Aggregator Sites

Try to make links to your website available on some content aggregator websites. They can become a good middle man to drive traffic in.


now you know how to monitor web traffic to be good


Make Changes to the Best Web Traffic Generator Methods you had until now!

Time to take all the above into action. Now you know more than enough on how to generate and how to monitor web traffic for good, and even better than the best web traffic generator you knew until today. But you don’t have to struggle to do all of these yourself. Your Web Developer and Digital Marketer know this best with good practice. Get them to do it for you. Do tell us your experience of these methods. We would love to hear it.

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