Do Stunning Web Design: 5 Tools You Must Use


“So you think you can make good websites!” If that too was a show on telly, you’d lose! Yes, I said it. You will realise that doing truly stunning web design is not as easy as you thought. Web design and website development have come a long way through the years that it has become so easy to do now by anyone with a little tech touch.

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But one thing we should not forget. In these modern days, getting just websites made is not enough to thrive in the digital space anymore. This is the era of digital marketing. Content rules the fate of websites now. Making your content influential is important. Therefore, we are going to give you 5 wonderful tools on the internet that you can use in the making of your websites, to improve the content quality and marketing potential.

Let’s dive.

1. Google Fonts

web design, website development, websites

Why go through the hassle of looking for custom fonts and installing them when you have the largest collection of high-quality, free fonts out there? Google Fonts has a vast variety of different styles of fonts that is sufficient enough to cover all the styles you wanted to include in your websites.

2. Canva

web design, website development, websites

Infographics do a lot for your website. It’s the most perfect to deliver a set of information without boring the user with plain old text. Canva is a wonderful tool you can use in your web design to create your infographics easily with the large collection of templates that you can use to make your websites even more stunning.

3. Smartmockups

web design, website development, websites

Showing is much better than making them read. And when you want to show them how your brand or product will really look like, showing it through mockups is the best way to showcase it. Smartmockups is a perfect tool you can use along with your website development to create mockups of your brand, service or product easily. And it’s free.

4. Vecteezy

web design, website development, websites

Using photos is a must in your web design. No argument there. But you can’t take just any picture off the internet and put it on your website. There are copyright laws that prevent you from using any picture of your freedom on websites. Vecteezy is your rescuer in this. Vecteezy is a large collection of free stock images that you can use freely with your website development. It pretty much contains all kinds of images you need for websites.

5. ColorZilla

web design, website development, websites

How do I replicate this colour? Or, How do I add gradients on my websites rather than solid colours? It shall be answered here. ColorZilla is a great tool for you to use for picking colours easily so you can replicate them wherever you want. And it provides you with the facility of including perfect gradients on your website. It’s a handy feature for website development. You just choose the gradient and it auto-generates the CSS code for you.

6. (Secret Tip) Digital Marketer

web design, website development, websites

“Wait! Didn’t you say 5 tools?” Yes. We said 5. But this is the secret golden tool you must use if you want to make real use of all those tools we discussed. You must make sure you use the right digital marketer to get it done for you. We at WebCo are specialists in harvesting the most out of websites through digital marketing and even performing web design and website development that are ideally compatible with your business goal. All it takes for you is to contact us now.

Now you know. Go be a star! Cheers!

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