Ways to Boost Your Business with Facebook


Facebook is an exceptional tool to promote your business and brand if used correctly. With facebook you can improve your brand recognition as well as customer loyalty, in addition to this facebook also helps with creating a potential customer base and increasing awareness. Below are some useful tips to using facebook to boost your business.


  • Engage with your customers:
    The main goal when posting to your company facebook page must be to captivate the attention of your audience. Facebook is a great tool to put a personal touch to your brand, take the opportunity to engage with customers just the same way that a person can with quality service in a shop. Yes, facebook is a good way to market your website and products and generate more clicks, but it’s important to keep in mind that people don’t want to be advertised and sold to all the time. What’s more important is to initially build a name for your brand amongst your followers.A good way to do this is to start by posting interesting content such as photos, facts, questions and links to other interesting articles. By communicating with your customers often you can build trust with them and try and get them talking on your posts, create discussions and get people to provide their input. Once you have built this relationship you can start mixing in posts about your products and services with links to your website.  Remember not to over sell, because if you keep posting Ads to your services or products the interest will eventually die off and people wouldn’t bother giving your posts a second glance.
  • Be Responsive with your followers:
    Make use of facebook to communicate with customers and help resolve any issues they may have.  Make it a point to respond to every question or comment you receive and quick replies will also be appreciated. For instance if a facebook fan comments saying that your services are great then repost it, and if you get negative feedback ask for more details and see how you can make things better. Small businesses survive on their personal interactions with customers and facebook is an ideal tool for this.
  • Run a Facebook Competition:
    Everybody likes competitions and people love winning stuff, if done right a facebook competition can give your business page a great influx in likes, thus increasing your target audience. Now on facebook pages you can run timeline contests which appear as a post on your page (rather than an app, which appears on a separate tab) this makes it easier to run competitions and get better feedback as well. When posting a facebook competition it’s very important to come up with an idea that will be interesting to your target audience, has a price relevant to your business and appeals to your fans senses.
  • Integrate facebook buttons into your website: 
    Set up a facebook button so that people can click through to your facebook group and like your page, this way your visitors can easily connect to facebook with a simple click of a button. If you have a blog on your website or other interesting content make it easy to share and comment on them. you can do this by integrating ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons for each of your posts as well as the facebook comments plug-in so that visitors can easily comment and share with their facebook friends.
  • Promote Events to your local community:
    Make use of your fan base and keep them interested by posting and promoting interesting local and community events such as free seminars or trade fairs, you can also use it to advertise events in your own business such as a new store opening or special promotion.
  • Don’t compromise on quality:
    Make sure whatever you post on your facebook group is well thought out and is useful or interesting in some way. A post that is low quality and is unappealing is just as damaging to your brand as a misspelt blog post.
  • Stay Current and update your page:
    A site or facebook group that hasn’t been updated in a while is very bad for the business as it brings about a bad impression on your brand. Being updated is very important especially on social media such as facebook and twitter as they are dynamic environments and are continuously being updated according to various trends. People look to facebook for the latest updates on something, and you want your followers and customers to do the same with regards to your business too.
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