Voice Commerce Changed Business Services Online Forever! This Is How.


voice commerece is changing business services online

“Alexa, ask the article reader to read this article on the screen.”
(Go on. say it!)

The business world and the markets were already headed towards the fully online shopping experience. All brands were in the race to establish their business services online and become the best ecommerce platform above all else.

Then came the COVID-19 pandemic. and ever since it hit us and all the other countries over the world, the evolution that was happening in business services online went through rapid change. As a result of that, pretty much all business services online were improved a lot. But there is one more method that people of the business world didn’t know much about but was still on the rise. And the pandemic made it go bigger than ever, making it the best ecommerce platform to thrive in 2022 and beyond. “Voice Commerce”. It is the next revolution of business services online.

I Hear Voices!

Voice control and voice assistance services came into symbiosis with people a few years ago, even earlier than the pandemic. It allows people to access most of the data and online services through just their voice and no contact or interfaces involved. Or simply put, “it’s shopping with your eyes closed on your bed.” It is now pretty much a part of people’s lives where they interact with voice assistance services almost in any condition now. 

Global Smart Speaker sales went up an all-time high with 150 MILLION units sold in 2020 alone. And it is predicted that by 2024 the global smart speaker sales would surpass $30 BILLION.

“61% of Australians believe that speaking into a voice-activated machine will mean that how we speak and what we call things will matter far more than ever before,”
– WPP chief strategy officer, Rose Herceg

more people are choosing voice assistance for business services online

What does this mean for the business world? How this rise of the voice will affect or affect business services online? Let’s find out.

Will it truly change business services online?

Imagine you run a business called “TiMart”, selling hair products. And Janet from Adelaide wants to buy some hair cream which she has bought from you earlier as well. How can she do this using your business services online through the existing process of shopping? Accessing a PC or Mobile Phone, direct to your online store or app, look for the product or find it from order history, add to cart, and checkout. Now, what if you had set up your store for voice on a Voice Assistance Platform. For example, let’s say on Amazon Alexa? How will Janet buy her favourite hair cream now?

“Alexa, re-order my hair cream from TiMart”

That’s it. It’s done. You will have the purchase logged and all you have to do is to ship it. And with such a simple way of buying your products, Janet will surely order and re-order more and more from you.

alexa changed business services online the most

A brand can integrate its services to be compatible with voice commands by simply setting up your services on a voice platform using the respective API they have. Different voice platforms have different methods to do this, so you should be in contact with the intended platform people first to take your business services online. Once you set it up the right way, you will have taken your business services online to sell on voice commands. Now, just like you will run to the supermarket when your mom tells (yells) you. The voice assistants will run to your store and purchase the items as they have been requested. (No, Not yelled at. Be kind to your voice assistant.)

What Does it Mean for Businesses?

To say it simply, involving voice shopping boosts up your customer experience. That is the most important thing of all. Also, it makes your customer sticks with you as shopping at your store is so Simple, Fast, Personalised, and Secure.

This report about Austalia’s Voice Commerce and It’s Future, from 2017 will give you a better idea.

voice commerce is the future of business services online.

How can I do it?

Even though Voice Commerce is so simple to the consumer, it might not be for the seller’s end. That’s true. Mostly because the industry is still a bit new (but not that much) to the concept it might be hard for you to get the hang of it easily. But there’s one way you can get it done perfectly. That’s by contacting your online marketing agency and getting them to do it for you. They are always in the know about such things and they will do the job perfectly.

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