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Social media marketing is rapidly developing and marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners who haven’t stayed up to date with the trends can find themselves and the businesses they represent falling behind. Managing a social media strategy that translates through to good results for the business is something that must be given the appropriate resources, not just left as an afterthought.

There are many small business owners that know how important social media marketing is for their business, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it or don’t know where to start. Discussed below are some steps you can take to implement a good social media marketing strategy and grow your business:

  • Define your goals: Step one of nearly every marketing strategy – clearly define your goals! It’s very important to outline a clear set of goals that you hope to achieve via social media marketing. These goals must be realistic and create some kind of value for the business. Be ‘SMART’ with your goals when defining them:
    • Specific – Exactly what you are trying to achieve
    • Measurable – Information you can measure that tells you how close you are to achieving these goals
    • Agreed On – All business stakeholders agree on them
    • Realistic – They are achievable goals (look at your resources and available time)
    • Timeframe – Set a timeframe in which you hope to achieve a positive outcome
  • Identify your audience: The next step is to identify who exactly your target market is and who you hope to influence with this strategy. This process is also known as building your ideal customer profile – it is a simple yet vital process. As yourself specific questions regarding your target customer such as their demographic, their interests, their behaviour (online), and even their shopping preferences if possible. The content and advertising strategy you put in place will be determined by your audience.
  • Choose your platforms: Based on the audience and customer profiles you’ve created the next step is to decide on the social media networks to focus on. Facebook is generally a good platform to start with considering the large user base and the fact that users are consistent. Facebook also provides advertising tools that can be used. Although facebook is a good start it’s important to conduct necessary research into what platforms your target audience likes using.
  • Create a content strategy: One of the most important parts of implementing an effective social media strategy is the content, this especially rings true for newer brands with no presence. Creating a content strategy helps you plan out what theme you would like to have within your content as well as how often you would like to deliver this content. When developing content keep in mind and make use of the customer profile you created earlier.
  • Create an advertising strategy: In order to get your carefully developed content in front of the right audience it’s vital to have a good advertising strategy. Implementing an advertising strategy especially on facebook where you can boost posts to a specific audience is essential to growth. In addition to facebook Ads you can run other paid advertising to promote your social media pages and the content being delivered.
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