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Social media with its massive user base is now an essential tool for business and marketing. Being a platform where users are most comfortable, social media pages can be a great way to establish a more personal relationship with your consumers while providing them with the information on your latest products and services.

One such platform besides the most common one – facebook is Instagram. The biggest benefit of instagram is that it provides a visual impact and hence can be an especially effective tool if you run an e-commerce website or sell a specific product.

Although instagram can be a challenge to marketers since content can only be images or short snippets of video. It still has a high impact on lead generation and even conversion because consumers are more likely to be impressed by (and engage with) visual media than they would with text content.

Discussed below are some ways you can make the most of Instagram for your business:

  • Set-Up Your Profile: The first step is to ensure that your profile is set-up for your business. Setting up an instagram profile is not too complicated, however you must make sure that the profile is optimised and fully completed before you start making posts. Include a captivating and intriguing profile image that relates to your business (this could potentially be your logo). In addition to the profile image make sure you add a short description (within a few characters) or even just an interesting and fun slogan.
  • Create quality images to showcase your products: Use a good graphic designer to create quality images of your products (or images that describe your service). These images must be very attractive and if showing off a product ensure it captures a good angle with perfect lighting. These are the images you will be posting on your instagram account and its essential that they capture your target audience.
  • Create a schedule: Create a post strategy and schedule. Make sure you don’t make too many consecutive posts or posts too often as this can be considered spammy. Make posts once every two days or once a day to start with.
  • Don’t just post about business: Don’t limit your posts to business and marketing posts, you can use it as a platform to give character to your brand. Post about latest brand activities, business events and even post about your team and employees. Sharing posts from happy customers is also a great idea.You can even run competitions where your customers are asked to tag you in posts about your product on their profiles. You can then select the best image, re-share it and offer a discount on the winning customer’s next purchase.
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