Top Technology Tips for Small Businesses:


In this modernized world technology has become an integral part of business and it is vital that all businesses have the right technology infrastructure and network architecture. Various different forms of technology have helped businesses expand rapidly, increase productivity and efficiency as well as improve their overall quality of service. Whether you are starting a new business or have an existing business you must consider how you can incorporate technology within your business model and the positive impact it will have.

Below we discuss useful technology tips for business…

  1. Don’t hold back when budgeting for technology:
    Regardless of whether your business relies solely on the latest hardware it is important not to skimp when it comes to equipping your business with technology. It may seem like the best option in order to economize however this can affect the productivity of your business, which relies on good communication. Maintaining strong communication channels and avoiding network glitches can be vital to the smooth operation of the business. This does not necessarily mean going over your budget or beyond your means to get the latest tech. It’s best to study your business model and find out exactly which technologies your business needs and how you can obtain this without exceeding the budget.
  2. Understand the purpose of your website and monitor analytics:
    In some cases the business website is the main point of contact that customers have with you. Make sure that you have a quality business website that is up to date and easy to navigate. Study your website analytics to gain insight on where traffic is coming from, which pages they are looking at as well as other useful data. This can help in optimizing your website specifically for you visitor’s needs.
  3. Make sure your business is mobile ready:
    Smartphone and tablet usage is quickly overtaking desktop PC’s. More customers are likely to look for your business as well as communicate while on the go, hence a mobile website is a good option to consider. Similarly the use of mobile devices is increasing within the business itself. You can’t always wait to be back at the office to handle business and it’s essential that you are able to access documents, emails and even handle transactions while on the move.
  4. Market your business online:
    Marketing your business online using social media and search engine optimization is a necessity. If your business depends on local customers then social media marketing can help make your business known and create a presence whether or not you have a business website. Facebook and Google + pages are a great way to communicate with customers as well as market your business. Listings on Yelp!, Foursquare and Google Places can also help generate leads as well as help with website SEO so your website can be found easily on search engines.
  5. Get your business onto the cloud:
    Space for data storage as well as software licencing costs can be a major problem for small businesses. With modern cloud computing services you don’t have to purchase expensive software or hardware. Instead you can access software as required and maintain secure data storage with a remote cloud service provider, usually for a small monthly fee.
  6. Be organized with project management software and better scheduling:
    Make use of widely available project management software to help organize your business better. Project management software is great for keeping track of who’s doing what, create & assign tasks, collaborate on projects and track progress. This will no doubt improve business productivity and efficiency.
  7. Security is vital:
    Make sure your organization has a strong password policy and understand which of your data needs protecting. Look into encrypting sensitive data as well as maintaining secure networks with malware protection and firewalls. Having a good security policy is imperative for business, especially if you handle sensitive information and personal data from customers.
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