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When it comes to digital marketing, in order to achieve the best results and execute an effective marketing strategy it is vital that you are up to date with the latest marketing trends and potentially new marketing channels. Even if your business maybe performing well and already has a good marketing strategy in place, it’s important to be aware of new ways people engage with content so you can remain competitive within your industry.

Discussed below are 5 digital marketing tips to help your business remain competitive in 2017:

  1. Mobile First: The impact of mobile technology and its influence on business in 2017 is undeniable and quite obvious. Over the last 10 years the smart phone boom has changed the way people interact with the web and media in general. Keeping this in mind it is essential to ensure that your basic online services such as the website are all mobile compatible. In addition to having a mobile responsive website you can also look into mobile marketing with options such as text message marketing and even Google paid advertising dedicated to mobile. Google AdWords offers advertisers tools and features to optimise and target Ads just for mobile devices.
  2. Social Media: Once again with the increase in smartphone usage, the user base of social media platforms such as facebook and instagram have also grown significantly. Nearly all the major social media platforms have users in the millions and they tend to be more comfortable engaging with content while on the social platforms. Take advantage of this and create content that people want to interact with then share these on your business social media pages. It is also vital that you generate a strong following on your social media pages so set-up those pages quick. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram both offer paid marketing options that you can use to promote your products and services, make use of these features especially at the start to create a substantial following.
  3. Visual Media: Video and high quality graphics are also something to consider. People are visual creatures and tend to react to visual media better – so making use of quality graphics that describe your products or services can make a big difference. Make use of engaging call to actions that are displayed in good graphics and people will take action. Video content is also taking over and is a form of media that has one of the highest interactions on the internet, especially on social media. Take advantage of the ‘Live Feed’ feature that social media platforms have as well as create videos that relay a positive message about your brand with content that the viewer find useful.
  4. Blogging: This is nothing new; if you’ve looked at digital marketing for your business over the last few years then blogging would be something that was considered as part of the strategy. Blogging is great way to get your business noticed, in addition to providing your customers with useful information about your industry, products and services. Blogging has an impact on SEO (search engine optimisation) as well, since it is mode of producing fresh keyword rich content that links back to sections of your website. Create blogs and start sharing them on your social media pages to generate traffic.
  5. Email Marketing: An age old marketing technique that can sometimes be underestimated in the modern digital marketing world. A lot of small business start-ups assume that email marketing is now irrelevant however conversion statistics speak otherwise. People are very likely to interact with email offers from businesses they have made purchases from in the past. If it’s a cold email that is sent to random people then the chances of conversion may be a lot lower. However, for re-marketing to customers who have bought from you before, emails are a great tool. Send through discount offers on their next purchase and you can even use customers purchase history data to send them more personalised offers to things they are more likely to get.
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