Tips to Acquiring a Domain Name:


A domain name is the address that is entered into a web browser when visiting a specific website. Choosing an ideal domain name for your business website is an extremely important aspect of creating a good online presence. Below we have discussed some useful tips to securing a domain name.

    • Domain Name Choice:
      Choosing the right domain name can play and important role toward the success of your business, it is like deciding on the name of your company or brand of product. It is important to conduct thorough research when selecting your domain name, see what customers like and what they use to search for your service. You can do this by conducting surveys or just by simply asking customers when you interact with them. Consider the originality of the domain name, how easy it would be to search for it, and how catchy it is.


    • Availability of the domain:
      In most cases business owners tend to look up their business name straightaway and try and obtain it, but there are instances where the ideal domain name for you may have already been taken. If this is the case one option would be to register the same domain name but with a different domain name extension such as .net instead of .com or obtain a different domain name altogether.


    • Managing your web domain:
      Once your business has decided on the ideal domain name and registered it, it is important to keep track of when it expires and renew the registration when necessary. Domain name registrations are typically for about two years and in some cases maybe even just for a year, hence it is imperative that the details used to register your domain is up to date. The reason for this is because the correct registration details will be required when renewing it, and if the details you have when registering it is different to what your business details are now, it could result in you losing the domain completely. Another solution is to register your domain name for the longest possible period (usually about 10 years) in one go, that way you won’t have to worry about renewing it any time soon.


  • Additional Names:
    You may not ever end up using additional domain names and registering them might seem unnecessary. But by registering more than one domain name you can protect your brand name and business by preventing other companies from registering them resulting in confusion or even loss of customers. For instance a competitor can register similar names or even the same domain with different extensions deliberately to intercept customers and this could result in fewer conversions for you. The best thing to do would be to register other variations and similarities to your domain then re-directing them to your primary website.


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