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The value of online video for marketing is a no-brainer: just scrolling through your social media or even browsing the internet in general you will notice that video is everywhere. While certain online marketing trends have become popular and faded away, online video marketing has built larger audiences and better infrastructure. As more people are watching videos online, more businesses are starting use video as a medium to market their brands, products and services.

Below we discuss some useful tips that can help you make a good online marketing video for your business:

  • Your target audience: The first rule of marketing regardless of the medium used is to always be aware of who exactly your target audience is. Be aware of their browsing habits online and other demographics such as age groups, gender and even skills/professional background. It’s important to be clear about the people you aim to reach and influence with the video. 
  • The purpose: Once you are clear about your target audience it’s important that you define the exact purpose of your video. Do you plan on selling a product or service to a potential customer? Or generating leads? Maybe just raising brand awareness? Or just to provide useful information to generate interest. Defining the exact goal of your video coupled with a clear understanding of the target market will help you make an effective marketing video that will yield positive results for your business. 
  • The value of production: The production value will significantly impact the end product – investing in quality production can result in an exceptionally good video that will stand out and attract customers. A lesson can be learnt from the popular educational idea-sharing platform TED Talks. Yes, there have been several talks delivered in a lecture style in the format of video available online prior to the existence of TED Talks. But what makes TED Talks successful is people want to watch them and one of their main advantages is that they invest a lot on the video production. They treat each talk or presentation like you would a music video – with good lighting, a variety of camera angles, graphics and engaging text/graphics amongst a host of other things. The result is a top quality video that people want to spend time watching. 
  • The story: Another very important factor in producing a quality video that people want to watch is to tell a captivating story.  Cat videos can definitely be humorous and attract good attention, but filming a cat reacting to a cucumber may not be the ideal narrative to your marketing strategy. Tell a good story, find characters that people can sympathise with and highlight their problems then end the video with a solution and a powerful conclusion.  If you are selling a product online for instance, rather than putting one of your chief designers on screen to talk about the technical aspect of things, find a good customer story instead. 
  • Go Professional: If you can afford it within your marketing budget, then hire professionals. Hiring a good video production crew can be costly, but it can also save money in the long-run by saving you time, adding better creative insight to achieve your goals and letting you focus on the bigger marketing strategy than small production issues with the video. 
  • Give your video a good home: Having a video, even if it’s a really good one doesn’t mean you’ve achieved your outcome. For your video marketing campaign to actually succeed, your target audience needs to be watching it, which means it must be presented in a place where the people you aim to reach can find it. The most successful online videos are designed with a destination in mind – ask yourself where the video is going to be placed? Whether it be on social media, your business website, YouTube, or even on business forums and advertising networks – it’s vital that you have a destination in mind. Even before any production ideas or story boards are planned out.

The above tips will help you create that attractive marketing video that will facilitate your business in achieving its goals.

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