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Setting up a blog is good for SEO, creating a platform that provides fresh content to your visitors while also allowing you to build internal links on your website. Blogs are a great way to provide useful information, news and articles to your website users, thus generating better traffic on the site and facilitating better search rankings.

So now that you have a blog page on the site, it’s just a matter of writing informative posts and publishing them right? Slow down! In addition to ensuring the target market finds the blog interesting, it’s important to make sure they would be keen on exploring and reading other articles you provide and maybe even sign up to your regular posts.

Discussed below are five search engine optimisation (SEO) tips for your blogs:

  1. Engaging and Captivating Title: It’s Important that your blog title is carefully selected, ensure that it is an engaging one. For instance you want to tell your readers about a particular product you offer, consider this product over another and maybe include it in the title. (eg: Why our product is better than this product). Think of your title from your target reader’s point of view, is it something you want to click on and read more or would you continue scanning to find something more relevant. You can also use words like ‘Tips’, ‘Secrets to’ or things like ‘Ways to get more business’ and ‘Improve your lifestyle using our product’ etc. – Think of ways your readers will be engaged
  2. Include some of your target keywords in the title: Titles still hold weight when it comes to SEO, especially the main headings on the page (the <h1> headings). It’s recommended that your blog title has some relevant keywords that you aim to optimize within the title itself. In addition, key search terms are highlighted in search results and will stand out if it’s within the title and the post appears in search results.
  3. Include internal links: Your blogs are one of the best ways to create internal links to other relevant content within your website. You can even link it to the products and services you offer, especially if they are relevant to the article. Since the content is highly related search engines will consider these valuable links, and can help boost your rankings. The fact that internal links create a network of related pages, while increasing the time a reader spends on your website hence increases the pages viewed even creating the opportunity to convert the website visitor into a customer. Use good anchor text that includes some of your target keywords in order to link through to your other pages.
  4. Use a good image or photo: Designing an attractive blog image is also a great way to make your posts more engaging and attractive. People are more likely to interact with something visual, and seeing visual material can improve a visitor’s willingness to read an article. So make sure your images are good ones, custom design them and include some call to action text that would entice a reader rather than using a stock image. Images also help break your text content up so it does not look like too much to read, in addition they appear in the links shared on social media making it more attractive to clicks.
  5. The Meta description: Use a good meta description for your blog posts, this is especially important for blogs because if they are to be listed in search results it means that a user was looking for some specific information. When people are looking for or researching on something specific they don’t waste time clicking on links they think are irrelevant. So what they do is read the little bit of text that appears below search result links, before clicking through. Make sure your Meta description describes what your post is about and if possible includes some of the key words as well. This way when a visitor sees it in search results the likelihood of them clicking through is higher. Ask your readers a question relating to the topic and maybe tell them how the answer is within your blog.


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