Tips for Updating Your Website Content:


Maintaining fresh content on your website and making regular updates can tend to fall on the backburner and end up being a forgotten to-do task. As a result the content on your website starts to soon appear out-dated. Not only does this affect the first impression that people get when they visit your website but it can also affect your search engine rankings.

Below we discuss some tips to updating content on your website and ensuring that your website is always up to date with fresh information and content

  1. Create a monthly schedule: Setting up a game plan and schedule for publishing content onto newsfeeds, blog pages and social media is important. Having a planned schedule can go a long way to staying organized and ensuring that your website has regular fresh content.
  2. Prepare content while on the move: Dictating content into your mobile device such as your phone using the voice recorder is a good way to note down important points when you feel inspired. You can later transcribe it and write it out or even use an app to convert voice to text
  3. Make use of cloud based text editors: Get your content writing done anywhere using cloud based text editors like Google Docs. Such apps will let you access your written content from anywhere on any connected device. You can even use your mobile device to browser through your existing content and not down changes and edits you would like to make
  4. Get a professional to do it: Sometimes paying a professional content writer to create unique and fresh content for your business website can be a good call. Professional writers if you find a good one can prepare fresh content that speaks to your target customer base, markets your business well and comes off as well worded and written. You can also ask them to optimize the content to include a set of your target keywords too.
  5. Get different people at your business to do some writing: Soliciting your staff or associates to create content can be another good plan. Depending on what your business does, having staff in different roles write content can provide insight and give a story from various perspectives. You can create a monthly rotation of article writing or plan out an editorial calendar, it’s important to make sure that the staff are writing about topics they are familiar with and can provide insight about.
  6. Do regular website reviews: Review all the pages on your website and the content within those pages on a regular basis. It is also important to get the opinions of a few people, having an information session where you get a few different people of various demographic to read through and give you suggestions for improvement can be a great way to tailor content better for your customers.

If you have a professional web design firm taking care of the design and development of a business website, then generally they may also have the service to prepare and publish fresh content for you. As part of their support services you may be able to request regular website reviews and content updates. Speak to your web design agency today and find out how you can make sure your website is up to scratch.

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