The Power of Anchor Text: Backlinking Done Right! – Part 2



The first step to creating a natural anchor text profile that would not be penalized by the Google Penguin Algorithm is to know and understand the various different types of anchor text:

  • Branded Anchor Text: This is the term given to anchor text that uses your brand name within it. If you have a branded domain this can be the safest type of anchor text. In the case of exact match domains it can be a potential risk.
  • Naked Links: Any anchor text that actually displays the URL of the link rather than a placement text is knows as a naked link or naked anchor.
  • Generic Anchor Text: This is usually a generic term, the most commonly used ones are call-to-action texts (CTA’s) that aim to influence a user into performing an action. An example is: “click here”.  
  • No Text Anchors & Image Anchors: This can be a tricky method but has been seen implemented by bigger brands. The best way to build no text anchors is using images – Google uses the image alt tag as the anchor text in an image link, so always make sure to use meaningful alt tags.
  • LSI Anchor text: LSI refers to Latent Semantic Indexing, which basically means different variants of your main target keyword. This would mean if your target keyword is ‘medical services’ then having words/phrases like: ‘what are medical services?’, ‘how to find a medical service’ are some examples. A good way to find some alternative keywords is using Google’s suggest options in the search bar

  • Exact Match Anchor Text: These are the ones to be careful of the most, they can help increase your rankings but also have the ability to result in your rankings being penalised. An exact match anchor is the exact match of whatever keyword you use to the target page. Its important however to make sure that

It’s very important to note that you should use exact match as a last option, the less exact match links you use, the more powerful it is. Make use of all the other types of link structure given above and have only a few exact match links, this is because Google’s Penguin algorithm will identify it as strange if there are several links to your website using the exact same keyword/phrase. Which is highly unlikely, hence it will be identified as black hat link building.

Get Powerful Backlinks:

Powerful backlinks are any links that would have a huge impact on your keyword rankings. These are the types of links where you should focus on including keyword based anchor text.

  • Editorial Links: This is a link that is place naturally on a website that publishes relevant content. Editorial links can take a lot of time and effort to acquire and in some cases cost money too – news posts and articles are examples of editorial links.
  • Relevant guest posts: Websites that allow you to create guest blogs and posts will usually let you display a link in the author info box. Take this opportunity to make a useful post about your business niche on a relevant blogging site and include links back to your website. 
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