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The Google Chrome browser has become the most popular and widely used browser overtaking its competitors with an average market share of about 43%, Chrome has a lot of reasons for getting ahead and this is the browser that you should be using if you don’t already. Last week we discussed the best browsers and their various features, today we discuss the top Google Chrome extensions and how they can help significantly improve your web browsing experience.

Browser extensions are additional tools and features that can be incorporated into your browser, these generally help with productivity, privacy and can save you time as well. Although these extensions can be useful it’s important to carefully select the ones you need; too many will slow down your system, and not enough and you maybe depriving yourself of some of the most useful tools.

  • Ad Block Plus: Do you get annoyed by some websites that go extremely overboard when it comes to advertising? Most of us are used to seeing online Ads but sometimes when websites are just covered in pop-up ads it can be irritating and deprives you of the smooth browsing experience you want. Ad Block Plus has the answer; this Google Chrome extension has the solution to all you advertising problems and can block Ads on just about any website. It even blocks Ads on social networks like facebook as well as video ads on YouTube, giving you the smooth uninterrupted browsing experience you’ve always wanted. Without these extra Ads now you can easily scan through page content without getting bothered by all the Ad clutter. In addition to blocking Ads, it also blocks malware too to help make your web browsing more secure.
  • Ginger: Most of the time when you talk to someone over the internet it is a form of text based communication, usually by e-mail, a facebook message or even instant messaging. In addition to using the web browser for conversation, it is now becoming more popular for word processing as well directly online on applications such as Google Docs and Google Drive. Ginger is the smart spell checker that can save you the embarrassment of a typo or using bad grammar. This chrome extension corrects 30 different types of grammar errors based on the context of your writing. It also works with Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, WordPress, and with a whole lot of blogs too.
  • Social Fixer: Are you a facebook fan? Do you find yourself on facebook several times a day? Well this one’s for all you facebook fiends. The Social Fixer add-on to Google Chrome opens the door to a whole bunch of features to give you an improved facebook experience. Make use of tabbed news feeds, better feed filters, let you track new comments to older posts, hide read posts, better navigation, monitor group activity, create quick links to event pages and a whole lot more. With regard to photos this tool lets you disable the light box view and instead shows you a full-size version of the pic when you hover you mouse over it. You can customize what features you want and disable the ones you don’t, and it’s simple to use too all you have to do is install the extension then simply sign in to facebook using a Google chrome tab.
  • TabCloud: Tabbed browsing is one of the best features of all modern browsers and gives you the ability to have several pages open and switch between them with ease. Although this is very useful it has now turned into a burden too especially when you have numerous tabs open that you can’t find the one you need or you end up closing it accidentally. Since tabs now work as individual processes they also start eating away at your system resources like the RAM ultimately slowing your computer down. TabCloud brings you a solution by allowing you to save a set of tabs to a cloud syncing service so you can open them at a later time. You can even open these on whole different PC too, it’s an easy to use, free extension that’ll help you organize and view your tabs with more efficiency.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop: This extension has created hype with its awesome features. If you’re looking for a way to access other computers remotely without having to install any third party software then this is the extension for you. You can allow other users to view your computer or access other computers securely over the internet, and the best part is it is cross platform so you can access a Mac and Windows computers from anywhere in the world. So now you can help a friend out with ease and show them settings for certain programs. Even just find out what they are seeing to help with troubleshooting and such, making this another useful must-have extension.
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