The must do s after website launch!



Getting the website finished and live is a great step in improving your online business presence, a website being the foundation of it all. But the journey doesn’t end here, in fact it’s just the beginning. Once your website is live there are still a few things you should do that are essential to market the website and make it known.

  1. Inform all your employees: The first step in creating hype around your new website launch is making your employees aware of a new website. Ideally all your staff and colleagues already know about the new website launch, however this can depend on the size of the company, In some cases departments work so separately to each other that some staff are unaware. Before launch notify everyone via a company email or meeting, inform them of a launch date and tell them what new and exciting features the website will bring. Showing them a pre-launch sneak peak so they get to see the website before everyone else can also be a good idea.
  2. Run a social media campaign: Social media is a great way to communicate and deliver a message to your target audience. In addition to marketing posts to people within your network (people who like and follow you), social media platforms now offer paid advertising as well. Making a post on social media about your new website launch can drive traffic to the website immediately after launch.
  3. SEM or Google PPC Advertising: Another great way to get traction in the start is to run a Google Ad campaign. Although this involves an allocated budget the initial investment would be worthwhile considering it will allow your website to appear on the top of search results for specific keyword searches.
  4. Send out an email campaign: Sending out email marketing campaigns to a targeted list can also help generate initial traffic to the website. If you have a contact list of your previous clients or even potential ones you can email a newsletter or flyer announcing the launch of your website. If your website is an online store then you can give them offers or a discount on their first purchase.
  5. Set up website Analytics and Search Console: The final step but very important one, is to set-up Google analytics tracking and search console for the website. Using these tools you can monitor the search traffic of websites and visitors browse through the site. This data is very useful in order to make improvements and future conversion optimisation. You must also be sure to submit an XML sitemap to Google via the search console in order for the website to be indexed.
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