The Importance of Writing Your Website Content


A Business Website is usually the first point of interaction for a prospective client or customer. It is uncommon for a business or corporation to underestimate the importance & value of brilliant ‘First Impressions’. For instance when a company goes looking for front desk staff or a new secretary, they consistently ask for two qualities – must be well-presented & must have excellent communication skills. In addition to these must have requirements they also usually list traits like ‘friendly, professional, and experienced’. When selecting a candidate for such a position these qualities are considered because this position usually happens to be the first point of contact within the organization – and what they want is to make the company appear to professional, approachable, and a place people want to do business with. The same way in today’s world a business website is what gives prospective clients and customers a first impression of what the organization is about.

Similar to how careful attention is paid to how you select your company’s front desk employees, it is vital to pay close attention to what your website may be saying to potential customers. Your website content is the ‘First Impression’ – It voices your company values, profile and the services provided and this sets the tone for the manner in which your company is expected to interact with customers with regard to all business matters in the future

Where well-written website content will relay all your company’s unique selling points impressing customers, a badly written content will do just the opposite; it can leave the client unsatisfied thus sending them straight into arms of your competitor. This is truer with online interactions as attention time spans are very little, it is important that your content gets your customers attention quickly. With your website you have a limited time frame within which a ‘click’ must be converted to a ‘sale’.

When Writing Content it is important not to focus solely on SEO as this would optimize your content for search engine crawlers but not for customers that read it. Habitually including repetitive key phrases in your content may increase your keyword count but will also reduce content appeal with customers. It is vital to make sure there is a good balance, and to write content that is: to the point & informative, attracts customers, and is simultaneously optimized for search engines.
Sometimes it is better to write the content for your website yourself since nobody knows your business as well as you do and words that appear on a website are of more value in the eyes of a customer as they are your own. If you cannot write your content it is key to always hire a specialist web content writer and ensure that he works closely with the website developer so that the content and visual design combination will go well together.

Some tips or good content writing:

  • Who is going to be viewing your website: Identify who your target audience is, and how they would like to be spoken to. (what your target audience wants to know and in what way)
  • Pronouns: Using plurals like “We” will make your business sound more friendly and approachable, while giving the impression that you’re a company and not a sole trader, which increases the customer’s confidence in your business
  • Avoid walls of text: Too much text is confusing and boring. Also most customers won’t bother to read through all the text. Customers are generally looking for the information they need delivered to them in a quick and easy manner
  • Keep to the point: Don’t use unnecessary and excessive language; avoid overloading information or using overly technical language that is hard to understand. Clarity and directness will go a lot further in converting a sale
  • Optimize for people as well as search engine crawlers: It is important to have balance in your content so that it is clear and concise and at the same time uses a combination of necessary keywords to optimize for search engines. Pieces of text must never seem out of place in a paragraph
If a combination of well written content and high quality website design is used, there is no doubt that it will have an impact on customers as well as helping accomplish a business websites ultimate goal – to convert “Clicks” to “Sales”.


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