The Importance of Good Photography for your Restaurant or Pubs Website



In todays connected world it is absolutely necessary for any small business to market themselves online. There are a variety of methods to market your business online, some of which include setting up a business website, creating a social media presence on sites like facebook and instagram, and even sending out email marketing campaigns. One thing that all these online marketing techniques have in common is that they must be very attractive. An important contributing factor to the attractiveness of your restaurant website is having exceptionally good photographs and images.

As a restaurant owner, photography is one of the best marketing tools available to you, being able to show your customers the food you have on offer with the use of detailed mouth-watering images can directly impact how they perceive your restaurants ambiance, service, and quality of food.

In addition to looking for contact information and menu details, visitors to a restaurant website generally look for pictures that can portray what the dining experience would be like. This means they make a judgement about the restaurant even before having stepped inside. Pictures speak a thousand words, and as such the images you put up on your website can relay important information to your potential customers, like how fancy the restaurant is, whether it is family oriented, what kind of food you serve or if reservations would need to be made in advance.

Some people tend to use stock images on their websites when it’s being built, in some cases this can be a very good thing as there are stock image websites that offer high quality images at relatively low cost. However, the biggest downside of using stock images would be that the images are likely to be quite generic and may not be well suited to your website. As a result it may not reveal much about your business nor appeal to your target audience the way you expect. This is especially the case when it comes to restaurant website, you would rather hire a professional photographer to take high quality pictures of the food you have on offer. This way the images used on your website will be relevant to your restaurant and people can actually indulge in the same food that may have attracted them to try out the place.

What you would generally be marketing as a restaurant or pub would be primarily your food and next the dining/drinking experience. People are visual creatures and what they see can leave a lasting impression on them, especially when it comes to food – visual presentation is as equally important as taste and smell. Since the internet cannot relay the taste or smell of food people are going to judge the quality based on the pictures you have. Better pictures can result in better engagement by your target audience, and if you post some of these quality images on social media with links back to your website you’ll start to notice an increase in web traffic as a result.

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