The Importance of Good Content Writing for your Business Website


When a potential customer searches for a product or service online the first interaction they usually have with your business is the website. The value of ‘first impressions’ is something that most companies understand, for instance when selecting a candidate for the position of front desk staff, qualities such as excellent communication skills, being well presented, friendly and professional are some of the things that will be looked at. This is because the front desk is generally the first point of contact when potential customers walk into your offices. Similarly your business website is the initial point of interaction for online customers and will give them their first impressions about your business.

Like how careful attention is paid when selecting your company’s front desk staff, it is important to pay as much or more attention to what your website is telling potential customers about your business. Your website, being the first interaction for potential customers is something that will voice your company values, profile and the services you provide giving customers an idea of the manner in which you conduct your business. This can be the deciding factor that influences a potential customer to read more and proceed to contact you or simply close the website and look elsewhere for the product or service. This is why the content of your website must be carefully thought out and planned so as to create a lasting impression on the visitors.

Exceptionally well written website content is the key to relaying your businesses unique selling points and quality of service, on the other hand badly written content can do just the opposite – it can leave a client unsatisfied which will lead them right into the arms of your competitor. This is especially true with online interactions as the attention spans are very minimal, so you have a limited time frame to grab the attention of your customer in order to convert a click to a sale.

Below are some pro tips for producing quality website content:

  • Identify your target audience; know who is going to be viewing your website. It’s vital to understand your audience, what they want to know and in what way.
    Use of pronouns in content writing – Using words like ‘We’ and ‘Us’ will make your business sound more approachable and friendly, which can increase your customers confidence in your business.
  • Don’t go overboard with text content, having too much text on your website can be confusing and boring, most customers’ won’t bother reading through paragraphs of text. It is important to give the customer the information they need in a quick and easy to absorb manner.
  • Keep to the point and use language that is easy to understand yet professional; overloading a page with information or using excessively technical language can make the content hard to understand, clarity is what’s most important.
  • Make sure your content is written so as to cater to the needs of your visitors while simultaneously being optimized for the search engine crawlers. This can be done by using a combination of necessary keywords within your text to help with SEO; however sentences/words must never seem out of place within a paragraph.
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