The Best Websites for Online Shopping in Australia


Last week we spoke about staying safe when shopping online. With Christmas just around the corner tons of shoppers now prefer to do their Christmas shopping online, especially since it saves valuable time as well as money. We all know how hectic holiday shopping can be, and shopping online is an ideal way to make life much simpler during the season. Today on the Web Choice Blog we have got a list of some of Australia’s top online retailers through which you can do your online shopping with ease.

Below is a list of some of the Top Online Retailers in Australia:

  • Deals Direct ( – Known as Australia’s largest online department store, Deals Direct is a great place to do your Christmas shopping, with a wide variety of products and a great user friendly website. They too have a live chat service and hotline number available to assist customers.
  • Ugg Boots Australia ( – Who doesn’t like Ugg Boots? No matter where you are in the world everybody knows Ugg Boots and the girls love them! The popularity of these boots has made Australia synonymous with the name Ugg. The Ugg Boots Australia website is one of the best places to make an order for premium quality boots at great prices.
  • Kogan ( – One of the most popular and well known online retailer for electronics in Australia, Kogan specializes in great value LED and LCD TV’s. Check out the online store for some good Christmas bargains.
  • Lingerie Online ( – A great website to get your hands on the sexiest lingerie this holiday season, all amazingly low prices! Lingeries Online is running a massive 40% Sale on all their products for the holiday season.
  • Catch of the day ( – One of the largest online retailers in Australia and provide customers with amazing daily deals at the lowest prices. Catch of the day has a wide range of products from groceries to clothing and electronics.
  • JB Hi-Fi ( – A great example of a brick and mortar store going online successfully. The JB Hi-Fi online store is a great place to order electronics and related items. With great deals, an efficient payment system and even the option to order and pick up your product in-store, this is an ideal place to do some holiday shopping.
  • Brands Exclusive ( ) – An Online retailer focused on fashion, although shopping on the Brands Exclusive website requires signing up, it is an ideal place to get good deals and shop for clothing this holiday season.
  • Booktopia ( – Australia’s leading online book store, ordering books online or even purchasing e-books has been made easy with Booktopia. With reliable shopping and great prices this is the ideal place to buy books online.
  • The Iconic (– Another good online fashion retailer making a name for itself. Although fairly new The Iconic is a great website to shop for clothing online, especially with the low prices, good selection and overnight shipping. Check out the iconic to order.


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