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If you are thinking about making a  change on how you manage your company or institution this year, there is no doubt that you have simply typed in the word LMS on Google. Learning management systems, or LMSes is an investment. They require time and money to set up and provide returns by way of skilled up talent and an improved bottom line.

With hundreds of LMS providers out there, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for your company. There are so many things to keep in mind when investing on a learning management system, for an example, you need to see if the LMS has the features you are looking for and if it fits into your company’s training budget.

Here are few pointers on how you can narrow down that list and find the right LMS that fits your organization or institution.

Identify Your Needs

With over 600 learning platforms to select from, you need to first start with listing down your objectives and what the user expects to achieve at the end of the learning session. Ensure that your objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, and time-limited. Remember to break up your goals into smaller tasks with a realistic project roadmap. Also, remember to know your audience by using the below guidelines to understand them better.

How old is your audience?

  • Does your audience have varied skill levels?
  • How tech-savvy is the audience?
  • How many employees/students are you going to train?

Mobile Compatibility

As you are aware, our mobile devices are a part of us. We depend on it to keep us up to date with the news and help out with our day-to-day activities. Ensuring that you find a learning management system that is mobile compatible is a necessity for any smart training platform.

The mobile design extends the value of training by making it available anywhere at any time. It assists in learning across multiple contexts, through both social and content interactions. This not only makes training immediately relevant but also more engaging. Mobile compatibility allows the user to access the system at a time that is convenient for them.

Video Features

Having a component for video is essential in a new learning environment. The modern learner no longer relies on books and texts for information but turns to videos and visuals. According to “Psychology Today”, the primary reason people learn well via video is that the human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than it does text. This mode of learning effectively enhances self-learning and engages learners’ attention throughout courses. Video not only shows results but also is more fun and pleasing to the eye of the user.

Content Compatibility

Having the right type of content at the right place decides the impact and effectiveness of the course. Visual content used for demonstration assures a better understanding of the topic.

Consequently, the first step is to identify the type of your content requirements can vary from a Word document to PDF file. In addition, content also includes:

  • Quizzes
  • Assignments

These requirements need to be considered while choosing an LMS platform as they are an integral part of every course.

24/7 Customer Support

Just like looking at purchasing any products customer support is essential when investing in an LMS. Round-the-clock customer support is essential at the time of setup as well as in a regular run for resolving issues related to functioning and maintenance.

Before making that final decision find out the customer support quality and availability of the vendor from various possible sources. Instant chat, email, and phone lines are common customer support facilities.
Other than that, knowledge-based support like help guides and demonstration videos help in system installation.

LMS Evaluation

When investing in learning management system it is only logical that you have access to a comprehensive analysis If you want to see the progress of your employees or students.

After all, as an investor, you need to see these insights on the performance of the learners and ultimately the effectiveness of the course. You can refer to detailed quiz reports and compliance tracking of eLearners, to check the amount of time they spend on a particular lesson or the number of attempts made for passing the quiz.
The reports can be categorized in the following manner:

Course Reports
Schedule, Enrollment, Assessment
User Reports
Active Users, Login activities, User’s progress, Performance Comparison
Organization Training
Complete course report by location or batch, Certification, Curriculum
Custom Reports
Tailored to meet your requirements

You can set up a schedule for the auto-generation of reports (daily, weekly, or monthly) and have them dropped-in straight to your inbox.

LMS Pricing

Your budget plays a very important role in selecting the LMS platform. The pricing model for an LMS may vary from vendor to vendor. There are lots of variations in the parameters for pricing, while some apply feature-based pricing, others require the course payment at the time of registration via payment gateways.

Extensive research is a must to identify hidden charges or extra charges on exceeding the limit and the cancellation policy as well before you finalize any LMS.

Test the LMS

Just like before buying a car you would take it for a spin make sure you test your LMS. Demos are key to getting an idea on how the learning platform would work and give you firsthand experience of its features and functions. Most LMSs offer free trials, usually for 14-days. During this time, you have a chance to check all its capabilities. Do not settle for just browsing through the features.


When choosing an LMS, your objectives need to be clear. The more precisely defined your needs are, the easier it will be to select. It’s like buying a car, we all have different needs and requirements. Remember to pick something that can grow with your company. Make sure you do your homework after all this hard work, the last thing you want to repeat the process the following year.

Now that you know more about LMS software than you ever have before, explore all available options for your needs today and enjoy our free trial-

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