The Best Google Tools and Services for Your Business – Part 1


Google has already integrated itself into our day to day lives in the form of Google mail and the most popular Google Search. Although a large majority of people use Google services at some point during their day to day internet browsing, we still tend to overlook many of the great tools available to us. Google has a number of extremely useful tools from a business perspective and if incorporated correctly into your business it can help significantly improve productivity, team work & efficiency as well as help market your business further. Some of these tools you may already be using, like Google Docs, Google Calender and even Google Hangouts – all of which have powerful business applications too. Listed below are some of the most useful Google tools to integrate with your business:

Google Apps: This refers to a group of Google services including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangout, and Sites. This is a cloud based suite of tools provided by Google to help connect your team, so that employees from anywhere can work together on any device. It also helps organize your day to day business activities and keep improve overall productivity. A little about some of these tools is described below:

    • Gmail: Create custom email addresses for your business using Gmail, and integrate these with the other Google Apps services. If you are using an email client that was given to you by your hosting provider (most likely webmail) for your business, it may be a good idea to switch up and use the powerful user friendly Gmail platform even with your own domain name.
      (eg: [email protected])


    • Drive: This is similar to dropbox and is essentially a cloud based storage platform. With Google drive you can store your files on the cloud, share them with other people and have access to them from anywhere.


    • Docs: This is a cloud based set of tools similar to Microsoft office. With Google Docs you can create documents, spread sheets, presentations and a lot more. In addition to being able to create documents you can also share these with other people, even collaborate and work together editing documents in real time. Google Docs works with Google Drive to give you the ability to store your documents and have them readily available online to access from any device.


    • Hangouts: Google Hangouts is a video chat feature (similar to skype) which allows you to include a group of people and start a discussion in the form of a video chat session. In addition to being a great way to connect teams of employees from various locations it also works with Google Docs allowing groups of people to work simultaneously on a document while discussing it. Hangouts also features screen sharing which allows you to show your screen to the group of people in a hangout session.


  • Calendars: The Google Calendar is definitely one of the best online calendar applications around. It allows you to create calendar events directly based on email content, embed your calendar online, share your availability with other people and even create separate calendars for different purposes. It also integrates with your email and the mobile device calendar app to make things even easier and more organized.
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