The Best Features of iOS 8


Apple is rolling out their new operating system, iOS 8 very soon! It’s time to find out what new features iOS 8 has to offer to the iPhone users.

During last week’s keynote the tech giant Apple revealed two new additions to their flagship phone – The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Most android users will say the specs of the new iPhones is nothing new since android devices have been carrying such features way before apple did. A good example of this is the iPhone 6 with a larger 5.5 inch display, this entry into the phablet market brings in some new competition for popular Samsung and similar android phablets.

With the new iPhone comes iOS 8, the new operating system will be available to download on the 17th September two days before the latest iPhone release date. If you are an existing iPhone user you can update your phone software on the 17th and take advantage of what iOS 8 has to offer.

Below are some of the new features that iOS 8 will have. Yes, android users will again say that some of these features are nothing new, but for iPhone users iOS 8 finally offers what they have been waiting for. Some of these have been listed below:

  • A detailed breakdown off battery usage: A new feature in the usage menu option under settings will provide you with details on how much battery each app used in the last 24 hours or 7 day period. By monitoring the amount of power drained by each app can help you decide which apps to close and manage your battery juice better.
  • Scan your credit card: In the version of safari used in iOS 8 you will be able to simply scan your credit card details using the device camera instead of having to type it in each time you want to purchase something online from websites such as amazon. This simplifies the checkout process even further.
  • Phone calls using Wi-Fi: Although this feature is nothing new and has been available using third party apps like Viber. However iOS 8 implements these features efficiently by automatically switching to wifi if you have a stronger wifi signal when compared to the carrier signal and vice versa.
  • Reply to messages without having to change app screens: On versions of iOS before iOS 8 when you received a text message you’d have to exit the current screen and go into messages, if you wanted to reply. Now with iOS 8 it’s only a matter of sliding down on your message notification and typing a quick response without leaving your current screen.
  • Better keyboard and predictive text: With iOS 8 Apple has upgraded the keyboard for the first time. They now have what’s called context sensitive predictive typing. This feature is basically supposed to learn how you write and provide you with relevant suggestions. Apple says it works to the extent of being able to differentiate how you type to different people and suggest text based on whom you are speaking to.
  • Enhanced Siri: Siri is now said to listen at all times and can be activated by a saying ‘Hey Siri’, this means no more having to touch the home button to call up siri. In addition to be more attentive Siri is also said to be able to identify songs, Apple has integrated the voice recognition software with Shazam to so you can ask siri what that nice song is.
  • Location based app suggestions: Apple has built in notifications so that when you’re near a specific shop or business a tiny icon for this business will show up. If clicked on, this icon will automatically take you the suggested app.
  • Quick access to contacts: Now double pressing the home button will bring up a list of your favourite contacts, the ones you speak to the most. Clicking on one of the contact faces will allow you to initiate a phone call, message or FaceTime call.
  • Send Last location setting and share location: With the new ‘send last location’ option that has been included with ‘Find my iPhone’ backs up your GPS coordinates whenever your battery is about to run out. This way you’d know where your phone was last before it died.  They have also included an option where you can share your current location with messages, now you can simply send your location when asking a friend to meet you somewhere.
  • Handoff: Another newly introduced feature that works on the same sharing principles as Air Drop, this will now allow you to start a task on one Apple device and instantly continue with it on another.


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