The Benefits of Online Time Management Systems:


There is a lot of information that needs to be monitored besides just recording the times employees are clocking in and clocking out when it comes to maintaining proper time and attendance records in an organization. In addition to an employee’s work hours, a good time management system can help keep track of the vacation or sick days as well as projects they may be working on. Certain time management systems can also help organize employee schedules and assign them to certain projects or jobs.

Manually recording this information can be strenuous and can be inefficient, as a result many businesses are starting to use automated time management systems instead. Below we discuss some of the main benefits that come with using an online time management system:

  • Accessibility:
    One immediate advantage with time management systems is that they are designed in a way that allows employees to handle time sensitive tasks (such as projects or scheduled jobs) on their own accord. In addition to this they can simply clock-in, clock-out and update projects/job details as they work on them. Using this type of system means that a manager does not need to input all the data, it simplifies things to a large degree. Employees will be able to keep track of their work times, see how much time they have off, and even submit requests for leave of absence. It creates efficiency within the organization.
  • Significantly Reduces Errors:
    Another good advantage with online time management systems is that it can help make certain that no mistakes are made when adding up the number of hours an employee has worked each week as well as any extra hours they have worked. This information can be used to calculate how much paid time off they have accumulated. By using such a system you can eliminate inconsistencies that occur with manual time recording and work scheduling.
  • Accurate Records of Hours Worked:With businesses that have employees getting paid on an hourly basis rather than a salary basis this type of time management system can be used to easily track the number of hours an employee has worked each week. This can in turn be used to accurately calculate an employees pay whether it be on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Some custom built time management systems can have an employee payroll management built into the same system.
  • Cloud Based:
    A time management system that is online and operates via the cloud makes it accessible via any mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. This is very useful especially for businesses that have employees working at a number of different locations (or job sites) can still keep track of their work hours as they can record their times remotely.
  • Easy Work Scheduling:
    Some time management systems can also be used to schedule employee jobs and projects, in addition to recording their work hours and times. One such system is KlickClock, this is a custom made system built to be used on the cloud. This system is ideal to create jobs, assign employees and supervisors as well as manage their hours worked. An employee is able to log in and view his work schedule for the week, check the job locations as well as clock-in and clock-out. The KlickClock time management system allows managers to schedule employee jobs and monitor progress with ease.
If your business is looking for a custom built time management system that can be tailored to suit your business requirements speak to Web Choice Online today, our professional team of developers can help deliver the perfect system so you can manage your employees work hours and schedules with ease. We are a leading web solutions provider for a variety of businesses in Melbourne.
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