The Advantages of Cloud Based Systems & Applications for Business:


When Business IT systems are moved or extended over the internet to increase the current scope and capabilities as well as to improve efficiency within the business, it is known as Cloud Computing. It is essentially setting up a virtual office which will give you the freedom to stay connected with your business anywhere, anytime. There are many benefits to cloud based systems especially for small to medium businesses, with reduced upfront costs and increased productivity it can help them streamline their operations so they can focus on their core business
  • Data Storage & Security:
    One of the biggest advantages of cloud based systems is the capacity to store large amounts of data & backups offsite. Using a remote cloud server to store your data means that work can be instantly backed up and even if there is a technical failure at your business premises, valuable information is still accessible.  In addition to data availability a cloud based storage system can also provide a higher level of security depending on what your current security system is.Whether it is a natural disaster, power failure or other unexpected crisis, having your data stored in a cloud ensures that it is backed up and protected in a separate secure location. This gives you the ability to re-gain access to data quickly after a crisis and lets you conduct business as usual. Thus minimizing down-time and speeding up disaster recovery.
  • Cost Effective:
    With cloud based technology businesses can save significantly on the costs of purchasing and maintaining servers, hiring dedicated IT staff, as well as purchasing and upgrading software. It can also reduce hardware costs as you will be using resources of your cloud computing service provider rather than purchasing expensive equipment.Before cloud computing software will have to be purchased with a licence and be physically installed and run on your office computers. Sometimes additional licences will have to be purchased to use with other computers. With the cloud based systems the software is run online by a third-party provider and it is accessed over the internet, this means you never need to install the software on your computer. So basically you don’t actually own the software, but rather than buying it you are renting the service which is very cost effective.Businesses of all sizes can reduce their costs by outsourcing their business IT systems to the cloud, these savings can then be reinvested in a different aspect of the business providing opportunity for growth.
  • Scalability & Growth:
    Cloud computing allows your business to scale up or scale down operating and storage needs to suite your business requirement with ease. Rather than having to purchase upgrades and install them yourself, your cloud system service provider will be able to do that for you.You may require additional resources to cope with a sudden boom in business or even just for a busy period of the year. These resources can be accessed as and when required without having to upgrade your entire system in order to cope with the higher workload.Accessing cloud services simply requires a stable internet connection and a subscription with your cloud service provider.
  • Speedy, Convenient & Saves Time:
    Working on a cloud means that you are accessing applications over the internet usually via a web browser. So this makes it quick and easy to set up and detailed training for staff will generally not be required.A cloud computing model is also a very efficient way for small businesses to manage their IT systems. Allowing you to keep track of your business from anywhere at any given time, you can hold virtual meetings, manage employees remotely and also allows employees from different locations to share files. This means that employees from different locations can collaborate on projects letting them work together more effectively, and improve team efficiency.

Overall cloud computing is great for all businesses, using a cloud can save time, save money, provide additional data security, increased availability and also provide you with the ability to scale your business IT systems up or down depending on your business needs.

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