The Advantages of Blogging for SEO:



Digital Marketing for business, something we’ve been discussing on our blog over the last few weeks primarily revolves around engagement online. You want people to engage with your content and improve your brand recognition and overall online presence. A great way to guarantee engagement is to develop a relationship with your website visitors so that they start to recognize you as an industry professional who they can seek to for advice and services.

One of the best strategies to create engagement with your visitors is to have a blog, it is an exceptional tool for providing people with useful content, improve your business brand, increase recognition, generate traffic and eventually boost revenue.

Our last post discussed the basics of blogging and how to produce quality blog content, this week we talk about the advantages that blogging directly has on your website SEO and organic search rankings…

  • Fresh Content: Search engines like Google aim to provide the best possible service to their users by providing them with the most relevant results to the searches they make. This means that Google has designed and tweaked their web ‘crawlers’ to seek out fresh,
    up-to-date content available online that is the most relevant to the users search phrase/keywords. Google gives more weight and ranking to websites that have such fresh content especially if it’s in relation to currently trending topics.This is where your business blog comes in, providing your website with the fresh industry relevant content that it needs to support SEO and boost your organic search rankings.
  • Keyword Optimisation: One of the basic aspects of SEO is keyword optimisation – back in the early days of SEO, websites used to just place lists and lists of keywords in all their pages just to increase how it seemed relevant to a specific search. Google’s algorithms have changed significantly since then and now websites that just have keywords placed within content without any context to it will be penalised. But if your keywords and phrases are placed strategically, to be informative and provide context and readability to the visitor then you get some advantage for SEO.This is where blogging comes in, providing you with a platform to discuss industry relvant topics that visitors will find useful. You can then strategically place key words and phrases within this quality blog content.
  • Back-linking Magnet: Back-linking has a massive impact on SEO, but the catch to this is the links to your website must be of significant quality and relevance. This means that links from reputable websites will pass through to you and hold value, whereas ones from spammy websites will only deteriorate your rankings. A good blog that produces useful content will naturally become a magnet for backlinks, once you share it on your business social media and you start receiving more shares from there and even references in other blogs it can trace back to you. Each time someone shares your post or references your blog it counts as a link back to your website.
  • Better Internal-Linking: Ain addition to links back to your website, blogs provide the opportunity to create good internal links. Using the strategically placed keywords and phrases within your content you can create links to relevant services, products and even other posts within your website. This creates a traffic flow when users on your website start browsing through different pages seamlessly.
  • Create a community: Integrating social media tools like commenting and share features directly into your blog can help create a group of interested readers. These readers can potentially start discussing content on your website actively creating a community that talks about content on your website hence increasing the potential for shares.


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