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When you think automated marketing the first thought that comes to mind is Email Marketing. Email marketing although considered having a very good potential for lead generation and conversion, has now become very difficult to execute successfully. The competition has increases as well as email providers introducing new tools to limit the number of promotional marketing emails that reach an online users inbox.  Why is email marketing still considered strong?  listed below are some interesting stats about email marketing obtained from an info graphic produced by

  • 33 % of recipients open email based on just the subject line
  • 70% say they made use of a coupon or discount found in a marketing email
  • An average of 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase each year
  • Subject lines that have a personal touch are 22% more likely to be opened
  • For every dollar spent on email marketing, the ROI was an average of $44

This awesome infographic can be found by clicking here

The increased blocking of promotional emails by email providers and the blacklisting of business email addresses is making the world of email marketing a daunting place for digital marketers. The success of email marketing used to simply rely on the combination of having the right message and right audience. But now the trouble is trying to get the email even delivered in the first place, with all this filtration that takes place.

This doesn’t necessarily mean an end to email marketing; email is still very powerful especially considering its low cost of execution and yield of quality leads/conversions. The email marketing strategies need to change and adapt to consumer behaviour online. A good way to increase the success of email campaigns is to combine other methods of digital marketing with your email campaigns to achieve a better success rate:

  • Live Chat: Live chat has become one of the most preferred choices of support for online consumers, with low waiting times and quick response times, live chat has only increased in popularity. Live chat is considered highly efficient with a majority of consumers having their queries and problems resolved in under a minute.Using behaviour influenced live chat can facilitate your email marketing as well as improve sales and returns on your websites. You can now generate leads by capturing a visitors attention and then interacting with them, or you can market to them and improve sales depending on what pages they are looking at and where they came from (which email marketing material they clicked through). These tracking tools help create a more personalised atmosphere for the average online shopper which ultimately leads to better sales for your business.
  • Follow-up phone messages: Use SMS to send follow up texts, this can be used to obtain reviews online, market a product a user was looking at or even to re-market to them once they’ve made a purchase. If you can track what your online visitor was browsing for and they have provided their contact details, then send them an SMS with relevant links to similar products. On the other hand if they’ve already made a purchase then you can ask for a review or to rate your service and even remarket related products. (eg: they purchased scented candles, then you can re-market candle stands)

Email Marketing, Direct mail marketing combined with other marketing strategies can help you gain from all the untapped opportunities out there. Your business will not only be able to generate more quality lead but will also enjoy an increase in overall sales.

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