Step by Step Guide For Post-Lock-down Digital Marketing


We are all learning to adjust ourselves to a new world. COVID-19 has changed the way we live and the way we do business. Work-Life balance has shifted and has consumer behavior. While the world is slowly reopening its doors, people are still hesitant to go back to what the world used to be. Stats show that 60% of people are uncomfortable with getting back to their normal outdoor activities. This means that the new normal is here to stay, and businesses have to adapt to different marketing strategies to sustain the number of sales post COVID-19.

If you are not sure what to do, we are here to help you run a smooth digital marketing strategy.

Step 1 –Build Your Online Presence
According to a Forbes survey, online sales had grown by 43% between February & May, Which means that this is the best time to invest in your online presence. This could be through a website, e-commerce site, or relevant social media channels. Think about it, there are 60% of people who want to stay in and shop online rather than step out. Although the chances of outdoor advertising could be relevant again the fact that online advertising is more cost-effective is always a plus sign these days since marketing budgets are being slashed in half. So if you are looking to make an impact and be noticed in a cost-effective way ensure that you build your online presence.

Step 2 -Curate Video Content
Covid19 has changed the way we communicate. People are more comfortable using video to communicate with each other. From family to colleagues everyone is using video communication to stay in touch. This means that people are more likely to watch videos as they pop up on their news feed or website. Since people are working from home they have more freedom to watch these videos while people who are on the move can still watch videos on their mobile phones. In other words, there is more time to watch videos and people are more accustomed to it now more than ever.

Step 3 -Social Media Engagement
The pandemic has kept many of us on our mobile devices, more than ever before to shop, socialize, and work. Social media engagement has grown by about 61% since the pandemic with Tik Tok being the fastest growing platform for the year 2020. Downloads for Tik Tok peaked in March, with 75.5 million new downloads, a growth of around 25 percent compared to February.
Tik Tok allows users to create and share short videos and is becoming a must-post platform for businesses that use social media to spread brand awareness.

How Can I Make the Most Out of Tik Tok for My Brand?

  • Create your brands own channel and upload video content relevant to your business
  • Utilize influencers to open your content to a much broader (but well-targeted) audience
  • Pay to advertise utilizing Tik Tok’s new campaign options.

Step 4 -Be More Flexible
Many businesses had to adapt quickly due to lockdown restrictions. Some businesses changed their business model as a result of lockdown restrictions.
From creating online shops to introducing bespoke delivery services, utilizing social media to take orders, and creating new business opportunities like producing face mask production and hand sanitizer, businesses made many changes to stay in business. Remember this is the best time to be flexible, and if you see an opportunity build on it.

Step 5 – Be Local!
Since there are still many limitations to products consumers have decided to shop locally.
People are still hesitant and would prefer to ensure that the things they purchase are closer to home giving them a sense of familiarity & safety. Local SEO is critical for ensuring local businesses have a presence with their local community.

These are some of the simple tips which you can use to promote your business locally online:

  • Make sure your google business listening is in place and is up to date.
  • Make sure your Social media channels indicate the business location.
  • Mark up your website for local search.
  • Highlight your local presence across key pages in the conversion funnel through advertising channels

Step 6- Keep Customers in the Loop!
Remember to keep your website & social media platform current. If you are reopening your business or thinking of introducing a new menu make sure your customers know about it through various platforms or email marketing. If you have a physical store, ensure your safety measures are communicated so your customers are aware and prepared to visit in person.

Hope these basic steps will help you and your business. If you need help developing a post-digital marketing strategy get in touch with us. We are more than happy to assist you to help you take the next step forward into the new normal.

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