Signs that your website is out-dated and needs revamping


Your website is the face of your business on the internet and has a major impact on how potential customers perceive your brand or service. Having a business website with a great design that is properly updated can provide increased brand recognition as well as result in more leads and conversions. We discuss some of the key symptoms of an ailing website and how you can bring it back to life.


  • Your Content is out of date:
    It’s very important to make sure that your website content is up to date, if you consider updating your website as a low priority task it will not only have a negative impact on your SEO, but can also be unattractive to visitors of your site. Your website reflects your business and an old out-dated design can give the wrong impression to potential customers. If your website content hasn’t been updated in years and your design is still using old web technologies it is an indication that you should consider updating and revamping it.
  • Getting high bounce rates & no conversions:
    If your website use to generate a lot of conversions and have a large traffic flow, but as of late you’ve been experiencing a decline in conversions and most traffic tends to leave the website within a few minutes, this could be another sign that it needs revamping. Having a high bounce rate will no doubt mean a loss in conversions, and a high bounce rate is generally a result of visitors not finding the content appealing or attractive enough to click through.
  • Slow Response Rates & Loading Times:
    A website shouldn’t take more than just a few seconds to load, if your website takes a little too long to show up on the browser and if there is no smoothness in response when browsing through, then people will most likely just leave. It is important to remember that the average duration a person spends on a website is very minimal, so if your website is slow and content is un-engaging then it is definitely time for a face-lift.
  • Not mobile friendly:
    More and more users are now starting to browse webpages and make transactions online straight from their hand held devices. Mobile computing has been increasing at an exponential rate and now people have access to the internet wherever they may be. This means that your website must be able to provide an optimal viewing experience to these mobile internet users. The number of people using the internet through a mobile phone would top the ones using a PC hence having responsive web design or a mobile site is very important in today’s online world.Check out our post ‘Is your website multi-screen friendly?’ for more info
  • No social media integration:
    Having a good online presence on social media is a good way to interact with your clients and provide a personalized experience. Integrating social media such as facebook, twitter, Google + and even instagram into your website will give customers the option of sharing products and information with their own social network, and even ask questions and interact with you in an environment they are more comfortable in. This would give your business a voice too to share new products, services and achievements. In the current online environment social media integration is vital.
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