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With the year coming to an end the season ahead is certainly different from last Christmas. As with everything in 2020, the holiday shopping season is going to be different. The past couple of months, we have seen how COVID-19 has changed the world. While shops are open in most places, there will be people who are hesitant to come to your store this year.

2020 was the year online shopping reached new heights and that trend is not slowing down any time soon. Stores and shoppers both will do their best to prevent huge numbers of people gathering.

If anything, keep in mind that shoppers will do most of their shopping — or preparations for that — online this year and we have a few tips that we would like to share with you for the season.

Do your keyword research

Keywords play a major role in the festive SEO of your website. As each festival brings a new set of seasonal keywords, seasonal SEO is based on these specific set of keywords.  For example, Christmas brings keywords such as Christmas decorations, Christmas giveaways, top Christmas gifts, etc. 

Simply put you won’t show up in search results if your eStore does not include seasonal keywords in your product pages, offer announcements, landing pages, or blog articles.

Optimize existing content

You might already have well-performing blogs or well-ranking landing pages from the previous year. Why not update those existing content, and make it fresh?

Updating or optimizing existing content helps in two major ways; first, you don’t need to get your content in the ranking race from zero, and second, updating content is easier and quicker. Further, existing content pieces already have backlinks and, hence updating them will not demand fresh effort of building backlinks.

Set up holiday season gift pages

First, think about what kind of category or special landing pages make sense for the season. You can always set up pages like ‘Best gifts for fathers/girls/teens’, Top 10 gifts for the season just to name a few. Make sure these gift landing– or category pages, the page title, and the meta description fit the upcoming holiday season.

Add structured data

When adding or changing your product pages to fit the season, don’t forget to optimize them. Check if you have added structured data to your product pages. Because rich snippets for products in the search results, showing ratings and prices, can give you an edge to your competitor.

Optimize for speed and mobile

It’s a good idea to check and optimize your website for speed and mobile. Mobile speed and speed in general, are becoming more important every day. When preparing your website for the holiday season remembered to re-check your mobile website and site speed and make an update if necessary.

 Create Festive Related Content

Create content that attracts, engages, and delights visitors also impacts the SEO ranking of the online store. You can write how your online store is spreading some Christmas cheer through a charity project or you can share customer stories, provide gift ideas, and keep your readers engaged and interested.

We hope these tips will help you and feel free to get in touch with us for more information on how you can boost your online sales! For more tips on increasing your SEO for the holiday season check out the link below:




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