Quick Tips to Successful Search Engine Marketing



Understanding how search engines such as Google work when it comes to their organic results (SEO) and paid advertising (AdWords Marketing) can be daunting. Discussed below are some quick, useful tips to help you market your business on search engines and improve visibility.

  • Google needs to know who you are: Make sure you set-up a Google My Business account to tell Google who you are. By doing this you provide your company information to Google and it will integrate with all their products (such as AdWords, Analytics etc.). Using your Google My Business account you can monitor the performance of both your website as well as your advertising campaigns
  • Mobile is everything: The mobile responsiveness is taken into consideration by search engines when ranking is given to your webpage. When getting a website design be sure to ask our designers about how mobile friendly your website is.
  • Know your audience: Knowing exactly who your target audience is, is a key part of search engine marketing. Understanding exactly how your potential customers behave online, whether it’s shopping or searching for your services, is key to a websites success. You must keep them in mind especially when creating content for the website and marketing to them via various channels.
  • Keyword Research: An important aspect to getting started with both SEO and paid advertising is understanding your audience then finding keywords that your content will rank for. Avoid using short-tail (broad terms) keywords that are dominated by the leaders in your industry but rather focus on long-tail (specific) keywords or phrases. When it comes to advertising it is also important to take note of the average search volume for your target keywords. (there is no point marketing a keyword that no one searches for)
  • Set-up Search Console & Analytics: Both Google Search Console and Analytics will provide you with useful insights into your website statistics. Using this information you can understand visitor behaviour on your site better and make necessary changes based on this to improve your interactions and results.
  • Get reviews: Getting reviews on your Google my business account is very important, they can help improve rankings. In addition to this, good reviews can help boost business and maybe shared on social media. Consumers now tend to look at reviews prior to purchasing a product or service in order to ensure that they are making the right choice.
  • Start Blogging: There are several reasons why blogging is important on your website, one of which is to create fresh engaging content to your visitors. Another is that it helps build your internal links within the website using keyword rich anchor text.
  • Keep improving on UX: Improving user experience is also an important part of search engine marketing. Make sure that the website is easy to use and the content your audience is looking for can be found in matter of one or two clicks. Having too many pages, links and too much content can result in a bad experience for the website visitor
  • Stay updated: Keep up to date with the latest search engine marketing trends and make improvements as they happen. The search engine algorithms and advertising don’t always remain the same and are updated occasionally. Be sure to make regular changes to your website and your ad campaigns in order to keep them up to scratch.


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