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At Web Choice Online our main focus is to always provide our customers with comprehensive business solutions that incorporate web technologies. We don’t just simply build a website, but rather set up an online business, an avenue through which you can achieve your business goals and create better business opportunities while finding solutions to problems you face online.

We first take the time to understand both our clients and our clients’ businesses thoroughly. We look at your day to day operations and processes as well as your business mantra and vision. Making the effort to get to know you and your business helps us align the solutions we provide with what you hope to achieve for your business in the long term.

In addition to learning about you and your business, the next step would be for us to understand your ideal customer or target market. This is something we consider to be very important as every online business solution we build, whether it is a website, application or management system, we tailor make to target a specific audience. Knowing your target audience well directly relates to the website design and functionality. So understanding your ideal customer allows us to build you an online business solution that will achieve your goals and get you the best business outcomes.

Once we have familiarized ourselves with you, your business and target market or ideal customer, our analysts then shift the focus to the current issues you may be facing with both your existing website and business operations. With regard to the business, we look at any processes where efficiency and productivity can be improved (with the use of web technologies) and propose improvements that we may be able to include as part of the solutions we provide. We also look into your current marketing strategies and budget – whether or not you spend on digital marketing online and if yes, how much you spend. Although a lot of small business owners don’t give much attention to digital marketing, it can have a huge impact on your online business in terms of generating leads and creating a presence.

When it comes to your current website, we look into the functionality of it to see if it serves its purpose and does what is required with ease. We also look at things like website security, structural integrity (if it complies with web development standards), load times, spam issues and even optimization.

After looking into the above points we then set out your websites primary objectives. Depending on what your business is and what purpose the website serves these objectives could be things like increased online sales, generating better leads, marketing or brand awareness, provide information and even reducing customer service calls.

So after we provide you with a complete online business solution, how do we measure the success of the solutions we provide or websites we build? The answer is simple; we do analytics in order to gain insight and monitor the performance of your website or app. The metrics we obtain help us understand if your website or app is achieving what you want. Some such metrics we look at are things like conversions from forms, click through rates of pages, number of clicks on the website per day, number of phone calls referenced to your business from the website and online sales stats.

As you can tell at Web Choice Online we leave no stone unturned when we analyse your business and prepare solutions. Before we provide our clients with quotes we generally go through the above process so we can determine exactly what your business needs. Our pricing can range from $1500 to $30k.

To find out more about our quoting process and pricing speak to one of our online business consultants today!

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