Did you know about these Modern Web Design Trends? This will surprise you!


web design trends you should know
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Web design is not what it used to be as before. It is no longer just a bunch of pictures, graphics and text that portrays some information. In these modern days, a web page or a website is almost like a living entity. It needs to grow. It needs to adapt to social trends and digital environments. Therefore, performing web design is like creating life.

To get your website done right on the current trends, you need to use the right web design tools and technologies that are updated and optimised for today’s web trends. In a previous article, we talked about a list of free and amazing tools you can use for your web design. Read it here if you missed it.

Follow the Trend or Die! (Don’t die!)

Let’s cut to the chase. As website design and development steps into modern trends and gets more complex, performing web design is becoming easier. Well, on the technical aspect it is. What’s becoming harder in web designing is the “thinking” you have to invest in it. Because, modern web designing needs creativity and strategic thinking, more than the technicals stuff.

So what are these trends that you should know about, to do a good and modern web design?

  1. Using Custom Fonts

    Fonts play a big role in branding. Choosing a good font will make your content unique and easily brandable. There are many resources you can use to find custom fonts. A good example would be, Google Fonts. Check it out.

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  2. Using Videos

    Let’s admit it. Video rules half of the internet now. People prefer videos over the traditional methods we used. That is why YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world! Using a video background instead of a solid image, using a video presentation to give out info instead of text, is more effective in modern day’s websites. There are many resources on the internet for videos. Some names worthy of mentioning are,

    pexels web design video

    wecteezy web design videos

  3. Using Comfortable Colours

    The era of vibrant colours is over. The web audience prefers shady colours and off-colours more nowadays and it feels more appealing to them. Using shades of Blue and Green, and variants of Black and White are popular. The following would be the best example anyone can give.

    facebook colour usage

  4. Using Whitespace

    Remember to keep things plain and simple in your web design. It’s what the modern audience prefers. The days we used to stuff and stack images on a web page is gone now. Using whitespaces make the content more highlighting and easy to focus on.

    whitespace in websites

  5. Using Large Headers

    Borders are not a thing anymore. Modern websites use large, full-page headers. It makes the content more attractive and keeps the focus of the viewer.

    sweet green web design

All set for a Good Web Design!

Those are some of the key trends among the modern trends of web design. Sticking into them and using them wisely on your website will do good. It doesn’t mean that you have to use all the trends in every web design you do. Use it strategically where necessary. That will do the magic. 

But there’s a risk too. That too must be said. If you apply these things in your web design, without a proper understanding of the trends. It will be your efforts will be gone wasted. It is always wise to get your web design done by a prominent web designer and developer who’s constantly in touch with modern trends and technologies. Let us know your comments and feedback.

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