This is why You Should Make Your Company Wikipedia Page Today!


make your company wikipedia page now and enjoy benefits

Wikipedia, the saviour of academics. That is no secret. You will agree with me if I call it the biggest knowledge base in cyberspace, right? Do you remember we once talked about the hidden benefits of YouTube for your company? Just like that, there are more lesser-known benefits of Wikipedia other than its precious articles, for businesses like yours. Yes. What you just read is true. Wikipedia, the encyclopedia, can be utilised to boost your business online by having your own business or company Wikipedia page.

But Why?

How hard have you been trying to promote your business online using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or at least planning to do SEO? Did you know that having your company Wikipedia page has the potential to bypass all those challenges and make your company details visible higher in search results?

But How?

Wikipedia already ranks high on Google search. Everybody knows that. So how beneficial do you think it would be to have your own Wikipedia page for your company created there? Reaping the benefit of the thriving rank of Wikipedia, and having your own company Wikipedia page, or in other words embedding your business into Wikipedia, has a higher potential to increase the visibility of your business in search results.

How do I do that?

Setting up your own company Wikipedia page is easier than you think. Yes. “Easier.” Your business’ presence on Wikipedia can be done in a few easy steps. Let’s get to know them.

creating company wikipedia page has many benefits


1. Become an Auto-confirmed user

Firstly, you have to create a personal account on Wikipedia and contribute to some pages by editing or adding information to them. But don’t just go and edit anything and everything there. Do it legitimately to pages that necessarily should be updated. Okay, now that you have done it, what you have to do is give it some time and wait for your account to be autoconfirmed.

2. Create your Company Wikipedia Page

Time to do it. Now you can go to the Wikipedia ‘Article Wizard’ and start creating your own Wikipedia page. Like I said before, make sure to fill your company Wikipedia page with only real and legitimate information. It is wiser to start the page by adding the basic information about your company first.

3. Populate the Page

Now that you have added basic information about your business to your company Wikipedia page, time to complete it by adding the rest of the information in detail. Again, be truthful and make sure to add only legit information. And one more important thing. Remember! This is Wikipedia. You are not creating an online ad for your company. So be sure to make the information you create appear as a description of your company and its services, not as an advertisement.

4. Cite!

You can further improve your company Wikipedia page by adding some citation backlinks that lead the user to more information and news about your company. If your company has been featured or mentioned somewhere on the internet, that would be a perfect citation to add.

5. Keep on Moving

Your Wikipedia page is done. But knowledge and information never have an end. So won’t this. Be responsible to keep updating your company Wikipedia page with more and up to date information. Keeping it up to date helps towards a better appearance of your business on Google.

increase google visibility by creating company wikipedia page

Time has come!

Now that you know how beneficial it is to have your own company Wikipedia page and how to do it, time to put your thinking hat and geek spectacles on and start creating an account and the content you are going to add to your page. Let us know how well it helped you later.

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