Why You Must Use Live Streaming For Marketing In 2022


live streaming is the next big thing in marketing

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

It’s been so long since the world of marketing and shopping has been taken into the digital space. And from then to now, the digital marketing industry went through drastic changes and evolved so faster than the traditional marketing industry ever evolved since the ancient days. What once used to be displaying an ad on the internet in the form of text or graphics, has now evolved into an entity that moves the closest with the day to day user of the digital media. Such as the methods like live streaming directly engage with them to perform the intended marketing goal. 

So what do you think is the newest giant to take over the marketing industry, helping you promote your products and services even more effectively through digital mediums? Behold Live Streaming for Marketing! “Say what now?” You might say. As surprising as it is to believe, believe it! It is true. And it is happening right now.

Difference between Video and Live Streaming

What exactly is Live Stream Video Marketing? What happens there? We all know about using video ads for marketing. It has been there for years. And almost all the businesses that do business online use video ads to promote their business. So what is live streaming? And how is it different? Yes, live stream too, is using a form of video for marketing. But the way it impacts the audience is a lot different. In fact, it is entirely different. 

The traditional video ad we are so used to is a video portraying and promoting the intended product or service to the audience so they can see it when they want to, or when it is shown to them while they go through some similar or related content on the internet. When it comes to live stream marketing however, it also is marketing through a video, but the video content is more active and engaging with the audience since it is live. And unlike video ads where the goal is to turn the viewer into a lead, the audience who engaged with live streaming video marketing is already a group of warm leads, most of the time. Therefore you have a higher chance of conversions.

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What made Live Streaming a Thing?

For years and years, people are so used to seeing video advertisements on the internet almost everywhere they go. And just like those TV ads back in the days which we used to mute the telly when they are on, the fate of video ads on the internet too is headed to the same fate. One of the reasons for this to happen is that video ads are shown to a certain audience which we assume will be interested in what we are about to show, but the reality is while some will be interested in them while a lot of others will not. Do you like all the ads being shown to you on YouTube whenever you try to watch a video? If you say yes, then I must be mistaken. But I sure am not.

As the digital audience get past the videos they took an interesting turn into live video content. People preferred watching live content instead of pre-recorded content as it engaged with them more actively. The same fate went for marketing as well. In the present day, people like to see product details and marketing content as live stream videos, more than as regular video content.

This change in the audience preference is believed to have been made by the influence of Social Media, where the digital audiences got more used to live and active content more than pre-published ones. 

live streaming is conquering the marketing world

The birth of Live Streaming

When we talk about how live streaming marketing has taken over the digital space, there are 2 aspects we have to talk about. The first one is obviously live streaming marketing on social media platforms. Facebook live and Instagram live streaming is a common and highly engaged feature of the Metaverse now with a rapidly growing number of audience engagement. And the same goes for YouTube live streaming and Twitch as well. Social media influencers pretty much rule this domain across all social media platforms. Therefore a lot of brands are performing live streaming influencer marketing to promote their products and services, as it assures a higher reach and higher warm leads and conversions, due to the popularity of the influencer + the enhanced engagement for live streaming. 

Even though the social media angle is what we commonly see in live streaming marketing, the real birth of the feature happened elsewhere, way before. If I ask you who is the giant in online B2B and B2C selling, what would your answer be? Amazon? eBay? Well, they are good brands of course, but what if I say it is the vast range of online markets owned by the Alibaba Group? Would you agree? I know you would. 

The real birth of live streaming marketing happened with them in 2015 with their iconic 11.11 shopping festival for TaoBao.com, the online shopping platform for China. The engagement and the sales they witnessed in that festival, made them develop it into a permanent feature with more and more grand and enhanced features we see today. See this video to witness how it all happened.


How to use it for Your Business?

Using live streaming for marketing in your business is simpler than ever in 2022. And it is something you must use in 2022 as it is going to be the marketing method that will be harvesting the most number of successes. There are 3 ways in which you can start marketing through live streaming.

  1. Streaming live product promotion sessions on your Social Media channels.
  2. Join an online market platform that has the live streaming feature and use it to promote your products live.
  3. Using your own web platform to perform live streaming and promote it using other mediums to get more viewers.

All 3 of the above methods will get you into the new trend of marketing through live streaming. But how do you know you do it right or wrong? Well, of course, you can judge it by the result you get, but that’s rather dangerous, isn’t it? Because when you realise the failures you made, it’s pretty much over for you. Therefore, in order to play it safe and still get the best results out of live streaming marketing, you definitely should work with your digital marketer. And it certainly should be the best digital marketer in Australia for that matter, to get the assured outcome from live streaming marketing. Because they know how it happens and how it should be done for your business. Give them a call now, and start working on your new marketing campaigns using live streaming, which will assuredly give you higher positive results.

you must use live streaming for marketing in 2022

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