Keep Your Business in Tune with the Local Listing


The biggest challenge for a local business is how to attract customers. In this digital world, people like to use internet on their handheld devices to search the local businesses. Local businesses can reach out to these potential customers by listing on local business directories. All they need is to be in tune with them. How?

The points listed below will inform you how to keep your business in tune with the local listing

  • UNAP
    For a business to be in tune with the local listing, a consistent UNAP is of huge significance. UNAP stands for Url, Name, Address and phone number. Since we are talking about local listing your site will show up in results when searched locally. Therefore, a business in order to be listed in local directories should specify the business website url, the name, address and the phone numbers clearly. This will add value to the credentials and help business grow. Customers look for results in their area or zip code. There is absolutely no need to add city, state or some other keyword. It is useless. The search engines are smart enough to locate you via your address.
  • Optimize business categories
    Various search engines permit placing of your business in 5-10 categories. Optimize the categories or services that your business offers. Your key categories can make you visible if these services get optimized properly. Use the right keyword to optimize your business categories.
  • Images and videos
    Businesses displaying images and videos of the products gain hugely than those who don’t. A large amount of data can be presented through these – products on offer, business team and your office. These two separately or combined are effective in building reputation and enthusing trust in the customers. These bring in quality to your business marketing strategy besides enhancing user experience, reducing bounce rate and augmenting revenue.
  • Keep updating
    The location and service data along with all the other important information should be kept up-to-date for the customer’s convenience. Failing to do so may cause bad results.
  • Reviews
    Reviews add credentials to your business. Therefore, add reviews. The reviews written by customer through their personal Google Plus pages are more significant. In your quest to gain more visitors, do not provide fake reviews. These are easily detected by the search engines and affect the ranking negatively. You may also get penalized for the same. Reviews can generate more clicks than anything else.
  • List on as many local listings as possible
    Every directory offers another chance to be located online as different directories offer different benefits. Some help in getting targeted leads. Some provide links, important to rank higher in search engine results. Citations provided by some are extremely useful when it comes to attaining a higher position in the results. These are simply great means of gaining a rank for local keywords.

My final words on this – go get your business listed on a business directory like Australian business directory and reap the wide range of benefits.

Ella Rich is an advertising expert with specific knowledge in business development, internet marketing and market optimization. She believes that business directories have great possibilities for businesses to grow.

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