Is Your Website Multi-Screen Friendly?


Internet connectivity is no longer limited to just your laptop or PC. With the continuous advancement in technology and hardware, people can now be perpetually “connected”. The appearance of smartphones and tablets has made it possible for people to access their favourite websites on the go. The increase in the usage of these other screens has made it evident that the cross-platform compatibility of your website with these other devices is vital. So it’s time to ask yourself the big question, “Is your website accessible to the growing number of users on these other devices?”

A study conducted by the Google research team in Australia has shown that a large majority of Australian media interactions are screen based and only a much smaller percentage is through non-screen based interactions such as the Radio, Newspapers & Magazines.

The percentages obtained through the study were as follows:
88% of All media interactions were screen based
12% of All media interactions were non-screen based

The time consumers spend online is generally distributed between four key media devices, the smart phone, tablet, laptop/PC and Television. The study has shown that consumers switch between devices to complete tasks and that 81% do this sequentially.

Online shopping is one of the multi-screen activities, where a user may switch between devices at various stages of the purchasing process. For instance a customer may first see an Ad for the product on TV, they would then maybe research on the product at that very moment on their tablet. The next step maybe to look at the product in more detail using the laptop and even complete the checkout process. The research conducted by Google has brought light to usage patterns of consumers in Australia and shows us in detail that these devices have a major role to play in E-commerce. (Details of Research can be found here)

This multi-screen usage by consumers is a very important point to consider when designing a webpage. It is important to cater to this segment of users by providing them with a website that is multi-platform, so that it not only works smoothly on a computer, but also on all the other devices used to access the internet. A multi-platform website of this nature would provide consumers with a seamless interaction across their various devices, leading to an incredible browsing experience.

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