Is A Do It Yourself (DIY) Website Right For Your Business?



Your business website is usually the first point of contact for a customer – before they even call or visit your business they may look it up online to find out more about what you do and what you have to offer. The quality of your online presence (especially the business website) will reflect on what the customers will perceive about your business. Hence it is essential to make sure the website is up to scratch in providing a good image for your business.

The ideal way to do this would be to hire professional web designers and digital marketing agencies that can create a quality website as well as establish the perfect online presence for you. However, as a small business that is just starting up, this may be difficult to do, especially because of a limited budget available.

As a result of the limited budget, the next best thing would be a DIY website using one of the many website builders available today. The points below discuss how you can decide wither a DIY website is right for your business:

  • You don’t mind making the effort and spending time: Although many of the website builders are designed to make it a little easier for beginners, if you’re not the tech savvy type it can take some getting used to. With the help of Google and support for which ever website builder you choose to go with you can eventually figure out and build a decent website. However this will require you to spend a bit of time and effort into the process, if this is something you can afford to do then a DIY website could be for you. 
  • You’re not after a unique design look: Online website builders usually involve pre-built templates that you can choose from. Select the one that you like best, then it’s usually a matter of dragging and dropping pictures and text sections in the order you want them to appear. There’s a very high chance that there’d be many other websites that look exactly like yours since they may have used the same template. If you want to stand out and have your custom branding incorporated into the website design then a DIY website is not for you, in which case it’s best to speak to a professional web design agency for a solution. 
  • You just need something basic: A DIY website builder does not give you the flexibility to incorporate special features (like get a quote button, upload attachments or booking systems). This means that you have to settle for the basic features you get with the template you have chosen. This would generally include a homepage, a services page and a contact page. If you need any additional bells and whistles then a more tailored website design by a professional web designer is what you will need. 
  • You’re okay with a few limitations: A website that’s built using a template on one of the online web builders will more than likely have limitations. You will be limited by the template you have chosen and by the features offered by the builder. You may not be able to completely back-up your website or collect customer data in a database (for re-marketing). You may also be required to host the website with the web builder and if you decide to change hosting at a later date you may not be able to retrieve all your site files. If you are hosting your website on one of those servers, then you are most likely sharing the bandwidth with the many other people using the website builder, this can impact your website load speeds and affect your search rankings too.
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