Important Tips to Online Marketing: Tip 5 – A Business Website


The final and most important online marketing tip is to have a user friendly high quality business website. All the online marketing tips and strategies outlined in the previous Web Choice Online blog posts are effective and can help promote your business to a relevant target audience. They can be used as short term traffic (and sales) driving tool or as long term brand building campaigns – but if you fail to have a professional business website that delivers your brand message, product or services in a simple, effective, informative and well-presented manner, then your  entire online marketing campaign will be a waste.

It is very important to have a high quality business website, as a professional, user friendly website will be the glue that holds all your online marketing together.

When building a new business website there are a few things that are vital to the success of your website as well as the success of your online marketing campaigns. Some of the important things to consider when designing such a website are listed below:

  • Content:  Relevant Content is crucial for a successful website. All search engines crawl (scan) through website content now and content that is optimized will support with search engine rankings. Writing articles relating to various aspects of your industry is a great way to generate fresh content as well, in addition to providing people with useful and updated information on your website.
  • Links: Linking within your website is also another important aspect to consider. Having links to your site from other valued sites is effective in providing a good search rank and generating traffic. It is essential to remember that both inbound and outbound links must be relevant to your websites content.
  • Structure: Both search engines and visitors to your website prefer to browse through a site that is well structured.  Search engines will crawl through a properly structured website more efficiently, while people browsing through and looking for specific information are more likely to scan headings and key points rather than read through all the content. In both cases a well-structured site will be far better received.
  • Accessibility: A website that caters to everyone is better than a website that caters to only some. It is important to consider the compatibility of your website with older browsers as well as to consider developing a mobile version of your site. The use of mobile devices is increasing significantly, and catering to this growing segment of users will impact your online business marketing.
  • Images: If you are selling a product, better make sure it looks great. If your business is selling a product or service that has a visual representation, then professional looking photography is key. Even a beautiful travel destination will not look good if the photos look amateur. If you care about how people perceive your product or service it is worth investing in professional photography to show people what you have.

Online marketing helps promote your business to a specific target audience. A business website is a vital part of online marketing as it is the gateway to utilising your online marketing strategies effectively as well as the final location customers will end up through the other online marketing channels.

A high quality professional website design is an essential part of any effective online marketing strategy. Consult Web Choice Online for premium web design, hosting and online marketing services

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