Important Tips to Online Marketing: Tip 4 – Social Media Marketing


In recent years when discussing online marketing, social media has been a primary point of focus because of its increasing presence and strong influence on the internet. Social media has had a major impact on online marketing strategies – with an ever increasing list of users these social networks have become ideal places to share your information as well as creating the opportunity to carefully select your marketing audiences based on their interests, geography and other useful information.

The fact that social media allows people to interact with others, share and create content through online communities paves the way to a variety of marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Social media can have a positive impact on your business as well as provide many advantages such as:

  • Creating brand recognition
  • Moulding a company’s reputation in the market place and generating more business exposure
  • A broad reach: can connect with millions of people around the world
  • Free or low-cost: most forms of social media are free for businesses and paid features are generally low-cost.
  • Personal: Social media allows a business to communicate on a personal level with customers or groups
  • Information can be quickly distributed to many people
  • Can be used to gather intelligence about the market and customers
  • Creating ‘buzz’ or ‘hype’ about products or a service
  • Helps with search engine optimization
In addition to promoting your business and informing customers of your goods or services, social media also helps you attract new customers as well as finding out what customers think of your business.
There are many social media channels through which your business can be promoted, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. Facebook for instance is the most prominent and one of the most useful online marketing tools available. Facebook has many features that allow you to conduct online competitions, post advertisements, monitor page visitor statistics, and initiate conversations on a public forum. Facebook’s numerous such features can be used in your online marketing strategy to gather useful information as well as communicate with your target market. Most of all Facebook is an ideal tool for building relationships with customers, thus creating a good reputation and generating sales.
Running competitions, answering questions, creating brand recognition and promoting your business are all part of running a successful online marketing campaign. Today social media is a term synonymous with online business marketing.
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