Important Tips to Online Marketing: Tip 3 – Email Marketing


Email Marketing is a direct form of marketing that can be targeted to specific audiences. An email marketing campaign involves using emails as a platform to market your business, product or service, by sending out marketing emails to a bulk email database. For instance your bulk email database can comprise of your current customer base, or potential customers that may have signed up for newsletters. Sending out email marketing campaigns is known to be one of the most effective online marketing strategies.

In addition to effectively marketing your business, product or service, email marketing also helps build customer loyalty, trust in your product or company as well as creating brand recognition. Email marketing helps reduce marketing costs as well as provide an environmentally friendly alternative by providing an opportunity to stay connected with your clients and efficiently reach your target market, without the need for printing, thus reducing costs and preventing waste. An Email Marketing campaign can also be designed to be personalized and interactive.

Five Advantages of Email marketing:

  • A highly effective and direct form of online marketing to target your desired audience.
  • Simplicity: Allows the management and sending of bulk emails within a short period of time to a mailing list with ease.
  • Low Cost and Eco-friendly: Allows an organization or business to eliminate the cost for design, distribution and printing of leaflets or newsletters. Email Marketing also supports an eco-friendly initiative as it is not paper based.
  • Statistics provided by Email Marketing software such as Expert Mail, gives detailed insight into the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns helping businesses come to informed decisions and strategies.
  • Provides Global Reach: Email marketing is not limited by the location of your target audience as emails can be sent regardless of where the person is situated.

Thanks to the quality effective email marketing software’s available today; businesses can now manage their marketing campaigns more efficiently. The email marketing software’s provide organizations with the necessary tools to send out bulk emails to their email lists as well as monitor statistics, such as conversions and open rates, which in turn helps businesses analize how effective the marketing campaign is.

The Statistics provided by these email marketing tools allows for measurable results. Statistics like click through rate, open rate, conversion rates, un-subscribers, bounces and even how someone arrived at your site. This information helps understand positive and negative responses and correlates sales with marketing. Click through rate is a percentage of the number of clicks on a URL compared with the number of times the URL is shown within the email. Whereas the open rate is a percentage of the number of opened emails when compared with the number of successfully delivered emails. Bounce is the term used for emails that failed to deliver. Email marketing software such as expert mail display this statistical information in a well-organized manner for instance with the use of charts.

So if you are looking at effective online marketing strategies, email marketing is definitely worth considering.
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