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Any company building a new business website wants their new website to stand-out in comparison to their competitors. As a business owner or marketing manager, you want your website to capture the attention of your potential customers and be something they remember.  Although a website must be unique and stand out, it does not necessarily mean that it should be completely different from the rest. Sometimes a site that feels the same (and works the same) as many of the others can get the results you want, which isn’t a bad thing.

You can still create business websites that capture the eye, stand-out and are simple to use (maybe even keeping familiarity of navigation from an existing design). Discussed below are a few tips on how you or your web designers can make your business website more attractive:

  • Layout & Navigation Structure: This would be one of the most prominent ways to make your website different from the rest. It can also be the most difficult aspect as you have to keep in mind user experience. Using an absolutely unique or new style for the navigation and overall structure of the website can make it something people will instantly remember. However it is essential to be careful when creating a completely unique structure since it means that users will also have to learn a new way to browse the site (something different to what they are used to). Sometimes keeping it simple and going with what your website visitor is familiar with can be more advantageous. It really depends on who your end-user is and what your business is about.
  • Animations: If used properly, animations can make a website an exciting experience that the visitor will never forget. People respond to visual stimuli best and animations do just that. The only thing with animations, is the fact that it is essential your designer does it right. Small effects on a website can drastically change its impact on the visitor, however badly done animations can result in poor performance and problems with usability.
  • Text & Other Content: The business website is a reflection of the business, its culture and personality. Your content both text and visual are what describes your business and who you are. In addition to this the text content on your website helps search engine crawlers to categorise and rank your website appropriately. Make use of quality images, engaging text and even video to communicate what your business is about to the visitor. Show them how your business is different (and better) when compared with the others in your industry. When wording text, ensure that it is worded in way that treats the reader like a human rather than a generic customer. Try to use wording that is more personal and gives the visitor the feeling they are being spoken to directly.
  • Business Branding: If your business already has an established branding in place then make use of it! People tend to remember good branding and if you already have one, ensure that your website incorporates it. From colours, design look and feel to the company logo prominence – make use of your branding. If your business is new and does not already have a good branding in place then look into establishing a recognisable brand, make use of colours and logo designs that are unique and eye capturing.
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